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I was recently accepted into the University of Florida, I am majoring in Public Relations. I wanted to know if joining clubs or even Greek Life benefited you in the long run with internships and/or even job opportunities?

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2 answers

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Breanna’s Answer

I couldn't agree more with the answer above.

Absolutely. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Join groups, intramural sports, greek, and/or clubs that interest you.

I got involved in many things during my college experience. I joined clubs, did intramural sports, greek life and got involved with volunteer work on campus. I loved it. I believe your experience is what you make of it. The more you get involved with the more well rounded you become, and I also feel that it helps you network. I wouldn't purely do something for the later pay off but rather the here and now. You will be in new environment and probably won't know a lot of people, why not join and get involved on campus to meet people and make friends. You should do what interests you and make the very best memories doing it! You need outlets from books and classes.

I wish you the very best, and congratulations on your acceptance into Florida!

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Lindsay’s Answer

Hi Yanet, congrats on getting accepted to University of Florida! Best of luck! I went to University of Michigan and joined many clubs/Greek Life. These extracurriculars give you experiences to be able to answer questions during interviews. Plus it gives you friends and something besides school work to focus on. My advice would be to find what interests you and join that---don't join a club or Greek Life just because others do but because you want to. Part of college is taking part in university activities, so enjoy it!!!