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What steps should I be taking to get an internship?

I am a Junior in College, majoring in Public Relations, and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with getting an internship.
I transferred to San Jose after attending my local community college. It was in a really small city. I was a very active high school student, I was Associated Student Body President and a lot of other things like that. When I got to community college I didn't have very much time to build my resume. Are there things that stand out to you as a professionals when looking for an intern? What should I do to build my resume?
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You should call companies and ask if they need an intern. apply locally Vy L.

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5 answers

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Aubree’s Answer

One helpful first step is to try meeting with your academic advisor or another faculty member who has connections to or knowledge of career/internship opportunities in your community. That's how I secured my internship as a sophomore. I spoke with my financial advisor in Financial Aid. If that doesn't work, you could try reaching out to people you know who may know of opportunities as well. Last resort, you've got to do the tedious work of searching for one. Not fun, I know.

In the meantime, while you're searching, a great way to build up your resume is to include any notable projects, jobs, recognition you've achieved so far in your academic journey. Or even, include what you do in your community. How are you active? Employers want to know how you spend your time in and outside of classes. Volunteer work, relevant courses, etc., those could be added onto your resume if they somehow relate to Public Relations.

Thank you for the reply! I like the idea of adding what I do in my community. It's good to show community outreach skills. I'm in the process of getting in touch with a local non profit from where I grew up. I want to see if they need any help with PR work. Thanks again! Rose J.

My pleasure, Rose! Any employer will value community work, especially in the public relations field where it deals heavily with the public. Showing you're involved is a huge plus :) Aubree Brewster

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John’s Answer

The #1 thing when trying to get an internship is NETWORKING. Join groups or clubs at your college, attended career fairs, ask your favorite professor who they know (professors get a lot of emails from recruiters about their students), grow your social media and linkedIn base. The more people you connect with, the more exposure you will have to internships. Put yourself out there, reach out to people you don't know, and ask a lot of questions.

Thanks to networking, I have worked at some really great companies, and have never proactively applied to any of them.

Best of luck!

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Fiona’s Answer

Do you have any volunteering experience? Any special interests, skills, achievements from these? Usually interviewers like someone who is passionate about something, preferably something that is unique.
Also, always try to keep your grades outstanding.

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Joe’s Answer

Most companies hiring interns don't expect you to have an extensive resume in your particular field yet, but that doesn't mean that they want someone that is completely unproven. You should highlight some of the following.

- Student organizations that highlight your leadership. I would definitely highlight your experience as Associated Student Body President.
- Any previous jobs, even in high school. Employers are going to want to see that you are capable of balancing work with whatever else is going on.
- Networking. I got one of my first internships through a connection that I had. This proved to be valuable for opening the door to other opportunities.
- Get letters of recommendation from people that are familiar with your skills and work ethic. Teachers and past employers are best here.
- For your first internship, be willing to accept one that may not be exactly what you want. Like I said above, getting the first one on your resume will open the doors to others in the future.

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昌玉’s Answer

First of all, you need to know what you want to be in the future, plan your career well, practice your plan and adjust the future plan. Every step you make is to prepare for achieving your goals. If it can't help you achieve your goals, you must do chang.