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Táo T. Feb 20, 2015 7389 views

Too good to be true opportunity? Java training and job placement.

I found on Dice.com a posting looking for Java/Android developer trainees. They almost cover anything including free training(5-7weeks), accommodation, seemingly 100% job placement(with 70K+ first year salary), seemingly H1B visa and Green Card sponsorship. This sounds too good to be true to...

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Lera K. May 04, 2016 863 views

Tips for writing a good resume?

Just looking for advice on this topic, list of do's and don'ts etc. #job-search...


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Anina H. May 10, 2016 1144 views

Is it ever appropriate to ask your interviewer why you were rejected for a job, so that you can improve next time?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at CareerVillage. I've always wondered if this was ok, because when I get rejected from places, I don't know how to improve next time. #human-resources #resume...


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Lucy L. May 10, 2016 624 views

What is the best way to get recruited for an internship? How do you make connections and book an interview?

When college is over, I am curious how you are able to figure out how to get into the system of people looking for an internship. Is it a career fair? Or do you have to go place to place on your own looking for an internship? How do you get people to offer you an interview? #internships...

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Rebekah H. May 19, 2016 877 views

How can I combine many interests into one career?

I just love to do so many things. The hard part is knowing which are viable career paths and which should remain hobbies. Maybe I can combine some of them to create something unique! I wouldn't mind starting my own business/organization to make that happen. Some of my top interests include:...

#general #small-business

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Ciara L. May 19, 2016 757 views

Should I apply for jobs above my experience range, just in case, or always play it safe?

When applying for jobs after college, should I just stick to low key positions, or put on a courageous stance and try to prove myself? Is it better to work your way up the ladder, or demand respect? #career...


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Rebecca G. May 25, 2016 918 views

What is the best job for a high school student?

Now I understand that I'm not going to be able to be a CEO in high school, but what job(s) is best for a high schooler entering the work force to get some work experience to put on a resume (Restaurants, fast food, retail, etc.)? #human-resources...


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Shakuan F. Jun 12, 2016 790 views

What is a cover letter, and why are they important?

I have created and re-created many resumes, but I never created a cover letter. What are their purpose, and why are they important? #job-search #resume #cover-letters...


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Justin H. Jul 11, 2016 2081 views

What questions should you ask in a job interview?

I need to know if there should be any questions I should ask in a job interview....


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Anina H. Aug 08, 2016 646 views

When an interviewer asks "Why should we hire you, compared to all the other candidates" what should I say?

I have no idea how to respond to this question since I'm a very inexperienced in the job market. I want to apply for web development jobs. What do I say if someone asks me this?...


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Shakhlo Z. Sep 06, 2016 819 views

How I can find a career that fits me best?

I had a lot of differences finding a career and I need a little help by finding them. #career-counseling...


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Mitchell A. Sep 19, 2016 1004 views

What is the proper way to dress for an interview?

I have had quite a few interviews in the past where I always wore a nice polo collard shirt, dress pants, and dress shoes. It was never anything different. However, now that I am graduating and taking on a "real professional" interview I guess we should say, do I need to change up my attire? Do...

#interviews #career #dress-for-success

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Abby G. Oct 27, 2016 708 views

Is it important that my major correlates with my preferred career?

I am a second year and still undeclared because my university doesn't offer marketing. Is communications a closely related topic? #marketing #communications...


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Ron L. Oct 29, 2016 521 views

What is the most payed job in the USA?

I have heard of medicine is the most pay, what else? #career #medicine...