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Mountain View, California

Within 40 mile radius
bryce H.’s Avatar
bryce H. 3 hours ago 3 views

what are some college tips for highschoolers?

what advice could you give to people who are still in high college help school about their college...

Ever M.’s Avatar
Ever M. Nov 07 151 views

Is it hard to get a job at a big name company? If so then what are some of the best ways to get in?

I am 18 y/o, im currently trying to figure out what I want to do for a living one day. Ive always been relatively good with tech and so I feel being some type of tech engineer is a good route for me to take. job business technology...


Edwin K.’s Avatar
Edwin K. 12 hours ago 9 views

Is Blender a good application to begin 3D modelling?

I am a little interested in 3D modeling as a career and wonder if Blender would be a good place to start, despite it not being the industry standard like Maya....


Winona C.’s Avatar
Winona C. Nov 04 65 views
Kelvin G.’s Avatar
Kelvin G. Nov 02 66 views

Can anyone help me get into coding?

Hey my name is Kelvin and I go to Phillip and Sala Burton High School. I like playing video games and would like to get into coding more. Any help? coding...


Sid R.’s Avatar
Sid R. 12 hours ago 13 views
Sid R.’s Avatar
Sid R. 13 hours ago 12 views

How to get better at remembering words in English type it.

Saying words is english is easy but writing it can be hard need more practice. english...


Edwin K.’s Avatar
Edwin K. 12 hours ago 15 views

Is it normal to take on unpaid internships to gain experience?

I am a current Senior in high school with little experience. I know I need to get experience to build my resume and skills. Is it wise to get internships that do not pay? intern...


Bruce H.’s Avatar
Bruce H. Nov 06 91 views
kevin X.’s Avatar
kevin X. Nov 15 47 views

What are some job examples for a marketer?

I am a high school Junior student trying to learn more about entrepreneurship especially marketing at the moment. Thanks!...


Alex H.’s Avatar
Alex H. yesterday 20 views
Clementine L.’s Avatar
Clementine L. Apr 17 216 views

What do I need to know before becoming a realtor?

I'm in high school and I have a general idea of what I want to do in the future and it would be nice to know a little bit more about the pathway I am taking to become a real estate agent. Thank you! realtor...


Alex H.’s Avatar
Alex H. yesterday 28 views

Does your major in college have to relate to your future career?

Is it possible to have a career in another department that is significantly college career-choice major different compared to your...

Eden M.’s Avatar
Eden M. Oct 06 145 views

How hard it is to find an entry level job as a fresh engineering graduate?

I'm just wondering about my career path after college and I got a bit worried about this question. job...


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