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Can you share a piece of constructive feedback you wish someone told you?

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6 answers

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Xiong’s Answer

Great question! I have had many constructive feedback in my lifetime, and all of them valid and important.

Someone once said to me, "The only way to actually know is to try."

I was once very critical of myself and always afraid to take on jobs or responsibilities that which I had no knowledge. I doubted my ability to run a business because I didn't know how to start one. I was hesitant to try new foods because on Yelp it had bad reviews. I was critical of movies that I had never seen because the critics said it was bad.

You won't know you will fail unless you try. You won't know it their food tastes bad unless you try. You won't know if you will like the movie unless you try.

Embrace curiosity more than knowledge. Because knowledge can be a hindrance to learning for yourself. Keep the brain open, and it's plasticity has room learn with your own experiences. Knowing something because you read it somewhere or someone taught it to you is not the same as knowing for yourself by doing it, touching it, tasting it, seeing it, hearing it, or smelling it.
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Mohammed Sikandaruddin’s Answer

Hello Daisy,

This is a very good question.

While I talk with people, I suggest them to -

> read, read and read !!! to gain more knowledge
> Try to surround your in a positive environment
> Always try to help the needy as much as possible
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Henry’s Answer

Something that was never really said to me... but I will say it to you now.

Go for the new stuff and learn everything you can about it.
Read, Learn and do.

Embrace the new. Work with new techniques and technology but always remember to learn the original ways also.

One thing my Dad did say... ‘Read around the subject’. So always read a bit deeper than you need to, click on the further reading in a Wikipedia article. It will take you on a knowledge adventure.


Henry recommends the following next steps:

3D printing and Laser cutting are here, do some research into the next changes you can expect to see in the future.
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John’s Answer

Hi Daisy,

This is a very important question and one I am glad you asked. I agree with what has been said above. I would add that in all things be open to other's perspectives. Build balanced and fair opinions. Start by listening, gathering information and data, and then craft an informed idea.
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Devin’s Answer

Great question!

A big thing for me is to know when I'm wrong.

I've been known to never admit when I'm wrong, even when I know I am.

It's just one of those things that I hate doing, but it goes a long way--both in the professional and personal worlds.

Knowing when you're wrong or have done something wrong and admitting it is probably one of the most mature things you can do, so by acknowledging the fact and finding a way to make up for it or make it right, you are doing both yourself and the people around you a service.
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geny’s Answer

When I was 10 years old , a 12 year old girl from my village told me:"Read anything that falls under your hand"...we had no library so I read newspapers and learnt a lot...geny h