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Mohammed Sikandaruddin Khan

Work on Information Technology at VMware
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Kefuwe Aug 18, 2020 283 views

Every person that you will have to assist, is different. Describe what Challenges you mang encounter and how will you overcome each one of them?

Intrested in knowing more about IT support #ITsupport

Jayashankar’s Avatar
Jayashankar Apr 28, 2016 862 views

Qualities for a Computer Engg?

Hi. I am Jayashankar. Completed 10th Std. Going to select Computer science Group. Can u brief me what are the qualities required for a good computer Engineer. #engineer #professor #computer #student #counselling #it-support

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daisy Nov 15, 2019 514 views

Can you share a piece of constructive feedback you wish someone told you?

#career #social-work

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Nicholas Nov 15, 2019 400 views

Could i learn how to solve brain puzzels like interesting types of rubik's cubes?

I like hands on thinking jobs that require brain work. #hardwork

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Kyaw Jan 10, 2020 396 views

AI Engineer

#engineering #electronics-engineering#ai-engineer#robotics

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Aradhana Mar 08, 2019 793 views

What is the best way to keep my laptop safe?

Like from hackers, people who steal my cookies, that kind of stuff. #college #tech #scholarship #student #help

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Blake Mar 05, 2019 631 views

In a world of growing technology; do you think help desk positions will still exist in 30 years?

Defining help desk as tier 1 support. solving issues users "SHOULD" be trained to troubleshoot and solve themselves, but for whatever reason they can not. If the issue goes beyond tier 1; help desk would create said ticket and route accordingly. To me; this sounds like it can all be...