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In a world of growing technology; do you think help desk positions will still exist in 30 years?

Asked Omaha, Nebraska

Defining help desk as tier 1 support. solving issues users "SHOULD" be trained to troubleshoot and solve themselves, but for whatever reason they can not. If the issue goes beyond tier 1; help desk would create said ticket and route accordingly.

To me; this sounds like it can all be accomplished by AI. AI is going to play a big part in the future of the IT world. Will it play such a large role as to start taking over those that tech support for users? There would of course need to be someone onsite to physically install computers; unless said company is using thin clients; then the thin client, mouse, keyboard, ect could just be mailed to the user to set up themselves; which can all be plug and play.

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3 answers

Tammy’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon

What an interesting question Blake.  As someone who has seen technology change the past 30 years I predict that there will still be help desk positions but it will be different that the positions today.  If this is a career that you're interested then go for it.  Once you're in the field don't stop learning.  Stay current and you'll evolve with the needs of the market.

Tammy recommends the following next steps:

  • Keep your skills current.

Patrick’s Answer


The position will probably still exist, but the number of positions will be greatly reduced by technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and software as a service. When software is provided as a service, rather than installed at a customer's premises, support drops significantly, meaning less need for help desk staff. Those companies that continue to sell product for installation on-premise will look to AI & ML as a means of reducing cost. These trends are already well underway, so 30 years is probably quite optimistic.

Patrick recommends the following next steps:

  • Read a book called Prediction Machines.

Dinesh’s Answer

Blake, It's interesting question but now everyone thinking whether organization required Helpdesk or not, most of organizations are already started BOT, but organizations still required Helpdesk/Services desk coz lot of work which required physical presence or remote (phone, etc.). I would say definitely helpdesk will be there but functions will be change such as way of handling the call and issues .

I would strongly recommend to upgrade yourself up-to the market because technology changing overnight.

Dinesh recommends the following next steps:

  • Start learning new technology
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