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Alexis I. Mar 05, 2014 2898 views
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Jared S. Oct 21, 2014 1350 views

Should i chose a career path based on viability or interest?

Lets say im very interested in physics, and somewhat interested in computer science. Should i pursue a career path that i may enjoy more (i.e. physics) or one where jobs are more available and more in-demand (i.e. engineering and computer...

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Taryn C. Jan 05, 2015 1637 views

How does a fashion designer stay inspired to design?

For me, I am not always inspired. One day, I will have an idea that I need to sketch out, and on other days I don't. I really don't want this to stop me from accomplishing my goals. Please help. #fashion #fashion-design #motivation #designers #inspiration...


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Makaila F. Mar 24, 2015 858 views

Are there any career fields that I can explore that blend design/art and engineering?

I am a senior in high school, and I was recently accepted to Stanford University. I am interested in Civil Engineering, but I recently took a digital foundations class at Skidmore College, which made me interested in Graphic Design. I want to explore majors and career fields that blend both of...

#engineering #design #architecture

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Gabriel C. Apr 09, 2015 1388 views

How should someone start off their graphic design career?

I am very interested in graphic design and would want to create graphics. #design #graphic-design #graphics...


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Will C. Apr 09, 2015 2031 views

Where do I start learning how to create a video game?

I have a basic understanding of what creating a video game is like, but I don't know where to start. I don't know how to code or program, I'm not exactly tech-savvy. I don't know where to start! I want to at least learn the basics of creating a video game before I go to college for it. Is there...

#video-games #video-game-design

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Abby A. Apr 09, 2015 3512 views

What the difference between media production and graphic design?

I'm a 10th grader, and I love to draw and paint. I know I want to work in a type of design medium but I don't know what. I want to work at BET or Empire. I also love music, and create album covers. I was thinking about graphic design but I'm unsure if they are the same thing. I want to work...

#production #media #graphic-designer #media-production #graphic-design

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Curtis L. May 12, 2015 852 views

What ART degrees can go a long way and provide multiple careers?

I have been in college for digital design for 3 years but am not sure if that's the career I want. I do love art and want to continue that education, but I am struggling to find what art degree (s) can take you more places than just one. #college #education #art #design...


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Julien V. May 13, 2015 1480 views

What does the future really hold for a soon to be Graphic Design professional? Is it as bleak and hopeless as everyone makes it seem? Should I switch Majors?

A lot of questions I know but I am a sophomore (soon to be junior) Graphic Design student at MICA and I am having a crisis. Ever since I have been home I have not been able to find any internships or work in my field. Nobody wants to hire me for anything at all. I thought I had a strong...

#career-change #art #careers #web-design #graphic-design

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Joana R. Sep 11, 2015 1185 views

What jobs can I get as an art major??

I am thinking of majoring in art I like drawing and illustrating but what what can I do from there? #creative #love #cartoons...


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Immanual A. May 03, 2016 621 views

I want to become an Animator, what will be the process for it?

I Have completed PUC, Im interested in animation and Graphic designing #design #graphics...


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Justin H. Jul 11, 2016 899 views

Is photoshop better for graphic design or adobe illustrator?

I want to know which one would be better to study for the graphic design field....


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Desiree C. Aug 27, 2018 266 views
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Haley E. Aug 29, 2018 270 views

Whats the best networking technique?

social media or in person? #social-media...