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How can I get better at making a concept art for games portfolio?

So I want to strengthen the amount of concept art in my portfolio. What is the best way to do this? #video-game-design

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2 answers

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Henry’s Answer


I would say it is not about the quantity but the quality.

Six or seven really amazing pieces are much better than a hundred bad ones.

Try focusing separately on different subjects; environment, characters, props and objects.... and combining them into ‘key moments’ that tell a story.

Show them to some of your friends, artists, parents and tutors. Ask for honest opinions. Now here is the trick...
It can be hard to listen to honest feedback about your work, but if you can take it onboard, you can get some insight into what bits are working and which bits are unclear.

If they tend to agree you are strongest at characters and animals, for example, then consider spending time getting even better at that rather than the instinct to work on your weakest areas. If you can become the specialist ‘character concept person’ then employers will more likely seek you out.

Best of luck!!

Henry recommends the following next steps:

Join Art station
Make a separate Instagram for your art
Watch tutorials on speed painting, use of light & shadow, perspective and other techniques such as photo bashing.
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Jason’s Answer

In addition to the great answer Henry Ryder provided, I would also suggest that you consider the concept art that you've seen out in the world and determine who is the creator. Follow your favorite concept artists on Instagram. Sometimes, they may provide time lapse recordings as they paint or draw which can be inspiring and insightful. And if your concept art is related to a big production like a movie or a game, see if there's an "Art of.." book at your local library. A great example are the art books for Star Wars and Pixar movies, but they're expensive so asking your library to order one is best.

To take this a step further, I like the suggestion to join ArtStation, but you can also practice your concept art skills by picking an existing project and trying to follow their art direction. This can be especially challenging if you pick an art style that you've never done before. But that is the challenge of being a concept artist. To create art in different art styles to suit the project you're on.

When I worked at Harmonix Music Systems, our concept artists would work on a gritty rock and roll game like Rock Band and then they'd switch gears to work on Dance Central with old school hip hop inspirations.

Jason recommends the following next steps:

Follow your favorite companies and/or concept artists on Instagram.
View the art challenges on or artstation to see various artists' creative process and feedback.
Find an "art of.." book relating to your favorite film or game at your local library.
Draw draw draw draw - every day!