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Hannah S. Mar 05, 2018 608 views

How will getting a bachelors degree benefit me?

I want to know the benefits of receiving a bachelors degree from college. #college...


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keyhan A. Nov 15, 2019 186 views

what is the best way to be ahead in this job.

i would like to be ahead in archaeology because i feel that it will help me understand everything better. #job #career #job-search #archaeology...


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jesus M. Nov 19, 2019 143 views

how did you get to be a welder?

l have 16 years old and l want to be a welder , at the moment l an job corps student , hopefully l can get my career as a welder ready on 6 or 7 months , after that l want to go with my family to work on Pecos or Odessa on the pipelines and oil fields as a welder #job...