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Career Questions tagged College Degree

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 31, 2018 544 views

What motivated you to continue on with school?

I know I have a long road ahead of me as I start this journey of one day becoming a doctor. For all those Doctors out there. Can you offer some advice on what you did to keep you motivated to stay the course and never give up on yourself even when times got hard. #doctor . #physician....

rebecca’s Avatar
rebecca May 25, 2018 651 views

How can I make the most out of college for my life?

#college-life #college #college-degree #career

Mustapha’s Avatar
Mustapha Apr 04, 2018 672 views

Wha t is the expected amount of years after you get a bachelor's degree to get a doctorate degree in psychology?

I am majoring in psychology, but want to know how long I am expected to further my education to get a doctorate degree. #doctorate-degree #psychology #college-degree

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Jan 17, 2018 604 views

How easy is it to find a job in your field?

A lot of people say that it can be hard to find a job in your chosen field and that sometimes you can get a degree and then end up in a completely different area How true is this and what can I do to find a job in my major?
#job-search-strategies #job-search #career-counseling #college-degree

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Sep 04, 2017 834 views

Would it be better to obtain an undergraduate and graduate degree separately or together in a single program?

I am a high school student going into my senior year and can't decide which program route I should go into. Over the summer, I have discovered my passion for the occupational therapy field and the good that comes out of it. Knowing very well that I want to major in that study, I started looking...