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Career Questions tagged Video Game Development

Dean’s Avatar
Dean Oct 18 74 views

How do I get started being a Video Game Programmer?

So I'm 14, and I want to be a Video Game Programmer for a career. But the thing is, I don't know where to beginning or how to publish my first game for people to see.

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ash May 09 170 views

Do video game designers tend to work at home more than ever now

since the last covid spike

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mario May 03 363 views

When stuck on a topic of coding is it better to try and fail or watch someone just get it right?

I'm asking this question because sometimes when I watch a tutorial about learning a certain way of doing something while I know its the right way sometimes I still fail to understand it

mario’s Avatar
mario May 03 121 views

What area of coding or software development should I get into for video game development?

I want to get into more areas that involves game development.
Im not a good graphic artist .

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Max Apr 28 157 views

1. Did you made a video game? 2. What's your favorite part about your job? 3. Do you like your job? 4. What is your least favorite about your job? 5. Do you want to quit your job?

I'm researching for a video game designer.

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Hope Apr 26 190 views

How much time has to be put in for just coding the start out of the game?

How much of your time goes into the first steps of just coding a game

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Hope Apr 26 248 views

How should a new game designer start out?

how would someone in the game making start out?

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Hope Apr 26 236 views

What's the best way to learn coding and how to model along with lighting, and sounds?

I wanna learn more about how to Code games along with how to do lighting and sound effects, i also wanna know how do you start on making a game?

Spencer’s Avatar
Spencer May 28, 2021 204 views

How long does it take to design a video game?

As a game designer how time consuming is it to perfect a video game, for example making sure that there are no bugs or glitches in the system? #video-game-design #video-game-development #video-game-production

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Ramon Mar 04, 2021 588 views

What are some jobs that will allow me to become a video game developer

I am a student at New Endeavors transition and I am interested in knowing a lot more about the video game development field and learn more about it.

#video-game-development #video-games #gaming

M’s Avatar
M Oct 18, 2019 414 views

Where can I work as an artist who is still in college but no portfolio yet?

Is it possible to still offer some service to a company without my portfolio and at least get some experience working in or around a game dev. studio? I am stuck between needing to pay the bills and finding a fulfilling career.

#video-games #art #Video-game-development #artist

Shawn’s Avatar
Shawn Apr 18, 2018 743 views

Are game design companies constantly looking for interns?

I plan to go into Digital Media and Design in college so I can learn how to become a Video Game Developer. I was thinking that if I wanted to get a chance at joining a game company, an internship at one might be good for my resume. Are U.S. Game Design companies always open to hiring interns?...

Shamir’s Avatar
Shamir Jan 22, 2018 2010 views

I want to start coding and be a video game developer, but where do i start?

I've always loved playing video games and right now I'm super into Hearthstone (if anyone sees and plays that game add me) and i really want to go into coding and or to create the story for one. However, I do not know here to start at all and i really want to learn, so where do i start? Is...

Charles’s Avatar
Charles Jan 22, 2018 583 views

I want to go into the video game career. What is the first step into reaching my goal?

I have played video games ever since I have been able to remember. I've studied frame data, graphics, and analyzed game play ever since i knew how to. I want to be able to make a story line to a game and make the general story to a game. Where can I start?
#video-games #video-game-development

Jalaal’s Avatar
Jalaal Jan 22, 2018 808 views

I want a career related to a video games. What do I major in?

I'm a junior in high school. I'm in my schools tech academy and i'm very unsure of my what I want to major in.I love video games and would want a job related to them. What are skills I need for video game production, development, design, advertising. What major goes into these kinds of jobs?...

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john Sep 28, 2017 549 views

What is the best major (path) for me take to for video game designer?

I am very interested in designing game systems and games but I want to take the correct path there is a lot of different computer paths to take. #video-game-development #video-game-design #video-games

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Jun 06, 2017 1091 views

Why is it good to have a company sponsored retirement plan?

I would like to know why it is so amazing to have a company sponsored retirement plan, and some benefits. #computer-software #computer #video-games #computer-games #video-game-design #video-production #video-game-development #video-game-production #career-details

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas May 26, 2017 879 views

What is the formal education needed for becoming a video game designer?

I want to know what type of education you need to become a video game designer and what courses are recommended. #computer-science #computer-software #computer #video-games #computer-games #video-game-design #video-game-development #career-details

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Zachary Mar 22, 2017 790 views

Software tool for video game development

Hello there I am in 10th grade at a technology school. I'm dying to be able to create a video game. So please advise what software tool I can use. #programming #video-game-design #video-game-development

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Grayson Feb 22, 2017 853 views

What college would be best to design video games?

I've always wanted to design video games and I want a college that supports me and lets me have fun. We all need a college like that. I get bored in school easily. I need a college that gets me energetic. #technology #tech #video-game-design #youtube #video-game-development

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Jun 11, 2016 1480 views

Does a QA tester position open any future career opportunities?

I've seen QA tester job listings at many different game developers and I've always wanted to be a part of the gaming industry. But a lot of these job listings are only temporary employment and I'm afraid the sacrifice that accompanies these positions might outweigh the reward. Does having a QA...

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin May 19, 2016 945 views

What kind of salary can I expect as a game developer?

More specifically the salary rate if I'm employed by a large, well-known AAA developer. #salary #game-development #video-game-development #gaming-industry #game-industry #financial-planning

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin May 17, 2016 954 views

Can I get into the gaming industry as solely a writer?

I've always been more interested in writing than dealing with technology, so I'm wondering if it's possible to have no knowledge/education in programming yet still be involved as a writer on a video game, or if some knowledge of programming and technology is preferred/expected? #video-games...

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin May 17, 2016 1098 views

What should I expect to run into when going into a degree for game development?

I've always been fascinated with gaming's ability to create worlds for everyone to enjoy, but I know that developing games is anything but a cakewalk. What subjects and technologies should I expect to run into for a game development degree? #video-games #game-development #video-game-development...

Falkyn’s Avatar
Falkyn May 12, 2016 804 views

What internships should an aspiring video game programmer apply for?

I am interested in making video games and I want to know what I should do to practice for it. #computer-science #computer-games #video-game-development

Anina’s Avatar
Anina Apr 29, 2016 976 views

What job(s) should I look into if I want to create video game concepts?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at Career Village. I have a friend who wants to make storylines and plots and designs for video games, but doesn't want to deal with the actual programming part. Is there a job for this? #design #video-games #video-game-design...

Kymaal’s Avatar
Kymaal May 19, 2015 1543 views

Do you have to be a computer wiz or a math geek to pursue a career in video game design ?

My name is Kymaal Caldwell i am a 17 year old boy that lives in Massachusetts. I live in dorchester and i go to school at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School. I ever since i was a kid i loved video games and still to this day i love video games. Everyday video games are getting more...

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Feb 26, 2014 30635 views

What is the equipment needed to make a game. (software, computer systems, artist stuff, ect....)

My friend and I are working on a project for our entrepreneurship class. #video-games #video-game-development #video-game-production