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Career Questions tagged Gaming Industry

Malikia’s Avatar
Malikia Nov 05, 2020 558 views

What is it like to be a Game designer?

I like to play games, and try out new games that are coming out. Also my dream job is to develop games for teens. Cause I do know that teens like to play games so I want to develop a game the people would like. Like these are some of the jobs I want. #Technology, #Game-development, #Gaming-industry

Marcel’s Avatar
Marcel Dec 13, 2017 732 views

What do I need to do to be able to work in Cyber Security?

My name is Marcel and I´m 17 years old. I have thought about what I want to be in life and that is a couple of different things. I have thought about doing something in cybersecurity, gaming, social media, application designer, or something in the technology field relate to those categories....

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Oct 28, 2017 803 views

Wanna get into the gaming industry as an animator without a college degree if possible

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had an answer to my question. So basically I'm in college for digital animation as a freshman and I'm thinking about dropping out to just pursue animation purely and not do other courses. I love animating and it's really enjoyable and I would love to learn more....

Wenge’s Avatar
Wenge Aug 07, 2016 1384 views

How many steps does an interview for an internship regarding programming have? I am interested in the gaming industry.

How many steps do an interview have? I'm curious about Part-time and internship job. Maybe programmer? Gaming things. Thanks! #jobs #programming #interviews #gaming #gaming-industry

ivy’s Avatar
ivy Jul 18, 2016 1526 views

is it possible to get in gaming industry as an artist who is self taught

So, i have huge passion for videogames since i was a little girl. Here i stand. One time graduate, two times school failed(because my parents chose what i should study.this means gardening and agriculture) i recently moved another country, where i took time to discover my artistic and (still...

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Jun 12, 2016 740 views

How's the outlook for a career in game journalism?

I've always loved playing games and writing about them as a career would be amazing, but how easy is it really to get a job like that? #journalism #online-journalism #gaming-industry

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Jun 11, 2016 1480 views

Does a QA tester position open any future career opportunities?

I've seen QA tester job listings at many different game developers and I've always wanted to be a part of the gaming industry. But a lot of these job listings are only temporary employment and I'm afraid the sacrifice that accompanies these positions might outweigh the reward. Does having a QA...

Mark’s Avatar
Mark May 24, 2016 641 views

In gaming design, what is the usual process that someone coding the game goes through while testing scripts and etc.?

I am looking into taking up classes for coding and interested in game design, I would like to participate in the gaming design community, but I'm not sure where I would fit in. I would like to know or have an idea of how this works so I can better understand what I would like to do....

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin May 19, 2016 945 views

What kind of salary can I expect as a game developer?

More specifically the salary rate if I'm employed by a large, well-known AAA developer. #salary #game-development #video-game-development #gaming-industry #game-industry #financial-planning

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin May 17, 2016 954 views

Can I get into the gaming industry as solely a writer?

I've always been more interested in writing than dealing with technology, so I'm wondering if it's possible to have no knowledge/education in programming yet still be involved as a writer on a video game, or if some knowledge of programming and technology is preferred/expected? #video-games...

Hana’s Avatar
Hana Oct 22, 2015 1327 views

which career do you think is better culinary arts, technology, or being in the gaming industry?

I am in 6th grade and I love just about a little bit of everything. The careers I am looking into are all very different from each other, so I need help on deciding. I also want to know the pros and cons of the careers. I have always loved cooking, and sometimes I even make meals for my family....