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Leah A. Dec 18, 2017 319 views

What good online jobs are there that pay by work hours, not annual contract?

I am now on winter break and want a job but can't drive. I am looking online for jobs that pay according to how much work I do so that I don't have to clock in at certain hours. I am an art student and would prefer to get a leg-in for my future art career but I won't be heartbroken if end up...

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Maria B. May 07, 2016 846 views

How can I express myself in a career that's hard to find work in?

I wanted to do something in medicine, but when I realized that the bachelor degree I got didn't matter too much I looked for careers that I could get a job with and not be opposed to doing for a while. I decided to do Accounting or Finance with a Business minor since it isn't a difficult career...

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Maria B. May 08, 2016 872 views

Can i go to a fine arts college after getting my bachelors in finance?

I'm going to the University of Pittsburgh in the fall for a finance degree because I had it implanted in my brain that i would go and get a bachelors in finance, go to medical school, and be some sort of physicians assistant. Now that i'm getting older and starting to have some self...

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Anina H. Apr 29, 2016 893 views

How do I get a job making virtual reality games?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at Career Village. Everyone is really excited about Oculus Rift and its potential for gaming. If I wanted to, what would be the best way to get ready for a job working with virtual reality? #technology #gaming...


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Hana B. Oct 22, 2015 1083 views

which career do you think is better culinary arts, technology, or being in the gaming industry?

I am in 6th grade and I love just about a little bit of everything. The careers I am looking into are all very different from each other, so I need help on deciding. I also want to know the pros and cons of the careers. I have always loved cooking, and sometimes I even make meals for my family....

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Edgar R. Jun 25, 2015 872 views
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Vincent L. Mar 17, 2014 1218 views

What careers would be best for me?

Hi I'm a sohpmore in highschool. College and the Cahsee is very close. Based on my interests what careers should I take? (Gaming. Computers. Psychology.) #psychology...