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Sara G. May 22, 2018 250 views

How hard is it to get a job as a 3D modeler?

I have heard that it is difficult to get a job in the game industry, especially for those with little to no experience fresh out of college. How long does it take to land a job in this field, specifically as a 3D modeler? #career...


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Calvin K. May 19, 2016 675 views

What kind of salary can I expect as a game developer?

More specifically the salary rate if I'm employed by a large, well-known AAA developer. #salary #game-development #video-game-development #gaming-industry #game-industry...


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Wenge X. Aug 24, 2016 1013 views

What is the work environment at a video game company?

Are they playing game in the leisure time? Are they talk about games all the time during the lunch time? #video-games...