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What kind of salary can I expect as a game developer?

Updated Stanford, California

More specifically the salary rate if I'm employed by a large, well-known AAA developer. #salary #game-development #video-game-development #gaming-industry #game-industry #financial-planning

2 answers

Cody’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

It varies greatly based on location, seniority, and the position. A great resource for this, especially if you have a specific company in mind, is https://www.glassdoor.com/. Through Glassdoor, you're able to browse different companies and positions and see what people have recorded their salaries at. It's also a very nice resource when negotiating a salary at a company!

Eugene’s Answer

Updated California, California

Agree, Glassdoor is a great resource for salary information.

What discipline are you interested in? Engineering, Design, Art, Production/ Project Management?

In addition to the factors Cody mentioned, salaries can also vary depending on your talent and past experience, whether or not you are full- time or contract, and which company you work for. One thing to mention is that while typically AAA studios have the highest salaries, I've personally experienced a few exceptions to that rule. Lucasarts- back when they were around- was very stingy about their pay. Conversely, the most I've ever made was at a very small (but stable and profitable) mobile game company- so keep an open mind!