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keyhan A. Nov 15, 2019 105 views

what is the best way to be ahead in this job.

i would like to be ahead in archaeology because i feel that it will help me understand everything better. #job #career #job-search #archaeology...


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keyhan A. Nov 15, 2019 57 views

what classes will i have to take to become a good archaeologist

i want to be good at my job. i want to know what classes i would have to take in order to succeed. archaeology is very hard for some people. #career #archaeology...


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McKinley M. Apr 06, 2018 242 views

College Recommendations?

What are some of the best colleges to go to if I want to become an #archaeologist? #archaeology #college #college-applications...


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Caitlyn H. Sep 01, 2017 330 views

Undergraduate and Graduate Majors

If I plan on going to graduate school, in undergraduate school do I have to major in the same degree or can the fields be related? For example I want to do archaeology but the international college I am in love with only offers history for undergraduate majors. Do I need to change college...

#archaeology #study-abroad #history

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Christi W. May 15, 2017 473 views

What are the steps to becoming an archaeologist?

Is there a certain school I should go to if I wanted to become an archaeologist? Would you have to have special training and a major in history? #history #archaeology #archaeologist...


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Wyatt B. Oct 26, 2016 706 views
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Armine K. May 13, 2016 688 views
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Andrea L. May 04, 2015 541 views

What do people that major in archaeology do?

I am interested in archaeology, but I am not sure what exactly do people who major in this do. Anything that you might know about this major is greatly appreciated. #college #career #careers...