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What advice would you give for someone considering working as a Archaeologist?

I am in 9th grade and the classes that I'm interested most in is Science and History. Something I'm really interested and looking to find a career in is Archaeology.
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3 answers

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Fernando’s Answer

Hello Jared,

I've seen some other questions from you on the website about this so I am going to try to answer them all here in a nutshell.

Archeology is a very rich and diverse field, where you can work in different spectrums, like "in the field", academic research, in museums, etc. So, first of all, it would all depend on your main interest (and choosing one thing, does not mean it excludes moving to other areas).
But don't be alarmed, you will only find out truly what area do you like most when you get into college and really learn about it and get into contact with different teachers, students, and professionals.

The drawbacks? If you work in the field, there is a distance from the family, your house, sometimes difficult conditions, etc. But this is not a drawback if that is what you really like to do. The same would be for academic work, like hours in the university, researching, writing articles, even teaching (this is the area that I love, so I don't mind the countless hours alone doing research for instance).

The salary range is going to depend on your level of specialization, amongst other things. If you want to do academic work, for instance, it will depend on the university you will be working at - so my advice would be to always try as hard as you can and specialize yourself, improve your writing and analytic capacities, etc.
In the field, the average salary range is about $62.410; while the top 25% is making over 80 thousand dollars, and the bottom 25% is making under 48 thousand dollars.
Also, the unemployment rate is not steep, with 2% only.
Interestingly, it is ranked as the #8 best job in websites like "best jobs us news".

My advice would be to send a message to universities departments to try to talk to some professors about it.

Hope you can achieve your dreams,
All the best!

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Mason’s Answer

I am not in archeology, but I took a lot of archeology classes in college as electives. A few things to ask yourself if you're considering a career in archeology:
Do you want to work in the field doing excavations, field research, taking measurements, etc? Or do you see yourself more on the academic end of things; research, cataloguing and curating, publishing findings, etc.
Archeology requires a very keen sense of organization, a willingness to *do the reading*, and a true calling to the field.

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Dale’s Answer

My suggestion is to find some people working in this field and see if they will give you first-hand information and experience. The right person will take you under their wing and help give you some hands-on experience. Depending on where you live and what or who is available. Get to know some of the people in your interested field, and see who will work with you. Those people are out there; just need you to find them.