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What is the most payed job in the USA?

I have heard of medicine is the most pay, what else? #career #medicine #salary

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2 answers

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Lashay’s Answer

Good Afternoon Ron: I agree with John. Interests,skills, knowledge, and abilities are crucial to getting and keeping a job. Also crucial to success are communication and punctuality. Even a doctor will loose clients if he/she constantly overbooks and arrives late. That said, and to answer your question directly, doctors, professional athletes, A-list actors and singers, corporate lawyers and partners, and software programmers tend to bring home the most pay just based off of their homes, cars, and lifestyle and demand for their work and strong work ethic (like Labron James versus other less familiar pro ball players). So a lot goes into making the most especially being in demand so that if you're the best computer programmer or software developer others will talk about and recommend you and want you to work for them. Check out onet.org and type in any careers you were thinking about and read the description, skills, knowledge, and responsibilities of the job. Then, ask yourself if you're interested in learning more about that topic enough to study it for 8 years. I hope this helps

Best of luck.

Lashay recommends the following next steps:

Visit onet.org website, type in jobs you're considering and read the details including pay
While reading, have paper and pencil
Write and rank most interesting and even least interesting so you know what to stay away from

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John’s Answer

Hey Ron,

You can make a lot of money in any job. To make a lot of money, it is important to become REALLY good at that job. If you find a career that is inline with your interests and skills, and you work hard to develop a valuable skill set, then people will pay you well to apply that skillset to their business.

For example. A lot of cooks make minimum wage. But the best chefs at top restaurants make hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more).

You also have to be smart with the money you make. Learning to save and invest money is crucial.

John recommends the following next steps:

Think about what you enjoy doing and your skills. Then start thinking about jobs that would be interesting to you.