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Are there any negatives to your as a public relations Specialist job?

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2 answers

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Bernie’s Answer

Working in PR is great because there are so many potential channels for communicating your message and an infinite number of creative approaches one can take. It's great to start every day with an "accentuate the positive" mindset. One of the toughest negatives I've encountered is the challenge of communicating bad news. It's fun and easy to talk about record-breaking profits or exciting new product releases, but putting a positive spin on layoffs, chemical spills and the like is the true test of a PR professional. Being open, honest and as transparent as possible can make such experiences less painful and more rewarding.

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Barb’s Answer


That's a great question. first, know that all jobs, from jet pilot to brain surgeon have negatives. The key is to look at the elements of the job that play to your strengths, make you feel as though you are contributing and offer you room to grow.

There are lots of different ways to practice PR. You may experience a challenging client who constantly changes their mind and is never pleased, You may work your heart out on a campaign only to see that it gets zero media traction and no interest on the internet. That can be disappointing.

The point is, that if you are doing something you love, the good stuff outweighs the bad. Find a place to work with people of similar values and goals and a healthy culture. Keep challenging yourself and learning. If you can do that, anything is possible.

Good luck,


Barb recommends the following next steps:

Research the many ways a PR professional can use their skills in the real world. Some will surprise you.
Once you find a discipline or area of interest that seems right for you, work with your advisors, parents, teachers, etc. to connect you to a professional in that area. An informational interview can tell you a lot about what someone does for a living!