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What major and college would be best for a public relations agent?

Asked Lakeland, Florida

I'm a sophomore in high school and am interested in becoming a public relations agent but have no idea what I should major in or what college would be the best choice for it. #public-relations #college-major #college-selection

2 answers

Rick’s Answer


Given that PR is used in all areas it would be hard to say what wouldn't work. I would recommend a marketing degree with a number of electives in English. Barring that a liberal arts degree would help in PR more than any other business field. A degree in PR would seem obvious but they tend to focus on all aspects of PR and lose anything else. Leave the bubble if that's your major.

Barb’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois
Hi Kayla. Great question. There is so much to choose from when you are faced with the application process. Think about what skills are most useful in the PR field. Written and verbal communications are at the heart of everything you do. Pick Communications, Marketing Communications or English with a focus on developing writing, presentation and strategy skills. Here's the bonus round: practical experience is just as important as education. Volunteer to do communications for a charity, join a club and write for them. Get an internship once you are in school -- anything that will demonstrate your commitment, develop your skills and reinforce your drive to be a PR professional. Good luck!