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How are you able to balance your point of view with your clients?

I would like to know how PR agents and managers are able to create a strategy that is true to them and to their client. #publicrelations #public-relations

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2 answers

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Theresa’s Answer

Read Dale Carnagie or take one of his courses. Brilliant!! Gives you every tip ever used by every successful person alive. What did they all have in common? They knew how to talk to, listen to, and work with people.

As a successful businesswoman, It's all about the relationships. Get your head out of your phone and the fog will clear.

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Azrin’s Answer

1. Understand your client's objectives, and yours and then find common ground.
2. When opinions differ, acknowledge your client's views before offering yours. "What I like about your [idea] is..."
3. Try "Yes, and..." . Instead of "No, but" or "Yes, but"
4. Ask "ok, what do we need to make [your idea] work". Then offer your suggestions