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Theresa DeRoo

Finish Painter/Tile Design & Setter/Exhibits
Construction and Extraction Occupations - Production Occupations
Detroit, Michigan
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Haley’s Avatar
Haley Jan 17, 2018 723 views

How would I start a boutique for selling my own designs?

I have had the dream of becoming a fashion designer ever since I was ten years old, but I also want to be an entrepreneur. So, I decided that I would like to open up a boutique to sell my own line that I would design, but I would also sew them myself.
#fashion-design #entrepreneurship

Jens’s Avatar
Jens Jan 17, 2018 659 views

How easy is it to major in music and minor in graphic arts in most colleges?

I will have a much better chance of getting into colleges and getting scholarships in music than in graphic arts. I have been playing trumpets since 3rd grade and I am pretty good. But, I don't wan't to be a performer for a living; my long term goal is graphic arts. #trumpet #music...

aaron’s Avatar
aaron Jan 22, 2018 818 views

yo so like i want to be an interior decorator. how would i start my career

I've always been passionate about home decor. so much so that sometimes when i go to IKEA i rearrange the home models into something a little more "fung suei". i feel as if i could make a lot of homes FABULOUS and help a lot of people bring some culture into their homes, but i have no idea...

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jan 24, 2018 655 views

How can I stay ahead of schedule in my classes?

I've just begun a new semester at UIC after Christmas break. Being a #computer-science major, I've had quite a difficult time catching up with my schedule for the past several semesters. Now I want to do things a bit differently. I want to be ahead so that it doesn't become too tight for me...

Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Jan 24, 2018 581 views

Do colleges find taking AP classes in high school more impressive than taking actual college classes?

I am currently a junior at a middle college high school and was curious as to if that sets me apart from others. Would colleges prefer that I took AP classes over college classes or vice versa? Do they even care at all? #college #classes

Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Jan 24, 2018 730 views

What steps should I take when writing my college essays?

Is there anything specific I should or should’t do when writing my college essay? What are the most common mistakes others make and how can they be fixed? Should I show my teachers for help? #essay #college-essay

Bradley’s Avatar
Bradley Jan 24, 2018 507 views

What is the best way to get financial aid?

I'm asking this question because I am looking for the best ways to pay for my college degree and want to maximize my time and effort when applying to scholarships. #scholarships #financial-aid

Wynton’s Avatar
Wynton Jan 24, 2018 657 views

How to give back to your community as a PR professional?

I'm currently studying to become a PR specialist and I was wondering what are some ways to improve the community in this profession. I know we can work for non-profits, but do private or in-house agencies ever give back? #PR #GiveBack

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jan 24, 2018 806 views

Is it better to take time off right out of college?

What are your thoughts on this? A lot of people have asked me if I am going to take a gap year or go backpacking for a few months. I'd like to know if there is a way to make this travel experience relevant to PR and maybe find a way to use it as a work experience type of thing. Thoughts? #PR...

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Jan 24, 2018 812 views

How do you handle or bounce back from a PR crisis?

As a PR major, should you always assume the worst of any situation in order to be prepared? I feel like we learn a lot about PR in school, but a lot of it is washed down and doesn't always sound as bad as it is. I would like to be prepared for real-life situations. #public-relations

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Jan 24, 2018 672 views

How are you able to balance your point of view with your clients?

I would like to know how PR agents and managers are able to create a strategy that is true to them and to their client. #publicrelations #public-relations

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Jan 24, 2018 538 views

I want to be a high school math teacher, and I have had many people tell me I should learn another subject to be able to teach as well. What subject would be best with a math degree and should I get a minor or do a double major?

I am transferring to a university to finish my math degree so that I can teach high school math. I have been told that high school teachers quite often teach more than one subject. If I am to learn another subject, what would be the best method to learn that subject? #highschoolteacher...

Madelyn’s Avatar
Madelyn Jan 24, 2018 719 views

Do you have any advice on study skills for challenging courses?

I struggle in math and I have a hard time knowing how to study for it. In any other subject I do well and can study for it easily but math is a different story. I am in need of new study skills that can use to help me in math. Any suggestions? Thank you! #Math #studyskills

Yazmeen’s Avatar
Yazmeen Jan 24, 2018 529 views

Am I allowed to continue living on campus if I take classes over the break?

I want to keep in practice over the breaks in college, so I plan to take courses during that time. #on-campus

Keeley’s Avatar
Keeley Jan 24, 2018 676 views

What is the worst thing you've seen working in a hospital?

#medicine #fullmoon #halloween
Again, I want to be a nurse, so what should I expect as far as freaky stuff? Tell me your weirdest, creepiest, goriest stories!