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yo so like i want to be an interior decorator. how would i start my career

Asked El Sobrante, California

I've always been passionate about home decor. so much so that sometimes when i go to IKEA i rearrange the home models into something a little more "fung suei". i feel as if i could make a lot of homes FABULOUS and help a lot of people bring some culture into their homes, but i have no idea where to start
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2 answers

Theresa’s Answer

Updated Detroit, Michigan
Interior design school is a good beginning. Plus, start with family and friends. Ask them to let you 'stage' their homes for them. Then maybe move on to events. Someone's party...? Put these before / after pics on your pages. Maybe stage homes for sale. You start by doing for free or for a trade of something nominal. Then, when you start getting good reviews, you can start to charge something. Meanwhile be taking classes or some kind of serious study. Next thing, you have to pass the 'talking' test. Learning how to be a good LISTENER first, then an articulate speaker revealing your knowledge on the subject. As a person constantly working in personal spaces, it is essential to be proficient in both. Your opening sentence would not pass for professionalism. Ever. You are speaking to strangers here, asking for their professional advice. The way you show your appreciation and respect is to speak as though you take yourself and their time seriously. Sorry to be hard on you here, but you can ruin a great opportunity with one careless sentence. My best to you, Theresa p.s. Career Village is orchestrating a valuable service. Be sure to thank them as well.

Tyneir’s Answer

Updated Baltimore, Maryland

What is your education background? What type of ID are you interested in? The amount of school and experience in the field will play a big part in how hard it is to find employment. I suggest finding ID internships while in school and creating/maintaining an interesting portfolio of work demonstrating your design aesthetic and technical skills. Make sure to save examples of your work from each employer/internship - keep copies/documentation!!!

Tyneir recommends the following next steps:

  • Find an accredited 4 year program or at least obtain a degree or certificate to get you started. However a 2 year or certificate will only get you so far - but may be sufficient for what you want to do.
  • Perhaps you should apply to Ikea...that would probably be great design and visual merchandising experience!