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Matthew J. Jan 28, 2018 269 views

Will I have more free time and less stress once I finish college and go to work?

As a #computer-science major in UIC, my many assignments and study hours result in very little time for anything else, including hobbies and sleep. I was wondering whether that is going to change once I have a job, or not. Similarly, does work give stress as college...

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Matthew J. Jan 24, 2018 327 views

What are some examples of actual duties at a computer science job?

I am planning to work in the #computer-science sector after graduation, but I lack knowledge on what actual employees do on-site daily. When looking for this answer, I often see descriptions such as "computer engineering" or "software developing", but these doesn't paint the picture for me as...

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Matthew J. Jan 24, 2018 241 views

How can I stay ahead of schedule in my classes?

I've just begun a new semester at UIC after Christmas break. Being a #computer-science major, I've had quite a difficult time catching up with my schedule for the past several semesters. Now I want to do things a bit differently. I want to be ahead so that it doesn't become too tight for me...

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Matthew J. Jan 24, 2018 326 views

How relevant is computer science, in today's world, in comparison to other majors?

Studying #computer-science at UIC is a lofty ordeal indeed. Me and my classmates spend long hours and days completing arduous assignments, learning dense material, and studying for exams. Meanwhile, other majors require less effort and time, while still others require more. This leaves me...