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Jens B. Jan 17, 2018 244 views

I am transgender, are there in colleges that favor that for admissions and scholarships?

I feel that there may be some colleges interested in diversifying their student body with transgender students. Some schools indicate they are LGBTQA friendly schools, but I don't know if there are certain school trying to recruit students like myself. I'm looking for the right fit. I just...

#lgbtqa #college #lgbt #college-admissions

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Jens B. Jan 17, 2018 197 views

How easy is it to major in music and minor in graphic arts in most colleges?

I will have a much better chance of getting into colleges and getting scholarships in music than in graphic arts. I have been playing trumpets since 3rd grade and I am pretty good. But, I don't wan't to be a performer for a living; my long term goal is graphic arts. #trumpet #music...

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