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I want to be a high school math teacher, and I have had many people tell me I should learn another subject to be able to teach as well. What subject would be best with a math degree and should I get a minor or do a double major?

I am transferring to a university to finish my math degree so that I can teach high school math. I have been told that high school teachers quite often teach more than one subject. If I am to learn another subject, what would be the best method to learn that subject? highschoolteacher math-major

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2 answers

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Theresa’s Answer

If you're able to minor in a second language, you'd be a valuable teacher indeed.
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Robert’s Answer

If you are a math major the best alternate course would be one that needs strong math skills. I am a Ph.D level physicist and my experience is that most people trying to study or teach physics don't have the math skills required. This is even true in graduate schools. Math is always behind and that makes physics harder. If you understand math try applying it to physics.