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What college do you think is the best?

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2 answers

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Michael’s Answer

I would say that the best college a student should first attend is a local community college. There are several practical reasons why I feel this is the best advice. The first reason is that a community college is far less expensive than a private college or even a four year state college. The money saved could then be applied to paying for the last two years at the college of choice. The second reason is that many students do not know what they wish to major in initially. Many students end up changing their major half way through their program and end up spending a lot of money and time by switching their majors. By spending the first two years at a much cheaper community college allows a student to see what their passion is and to make a final decision before making the jump to a private or state school for the final two years.

I hope this helps thank you
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Babu’s Answer

That is a very good question. The answer is "It depends". I know it is a typical answer.
My question to you is Do you know what your major will be? If it is agriculture, a University like South Dakota State is great. It is important that you know your rough major be it communication, pharmacy, nursing etc. Best is to start with a community college, try out different classes, narrow down on your major and then talk to a counselor regarding what college to choose. There should be counselors in high school, community colleges and even in your church or community.

Babu recommends the following next steps:

Find a counselor in your school/community college.
Choose your major which will help you to choose a college.