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Can you describe your typical day?

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2 answers

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Nicole’s Answer

The typical day as a high school teacher often consists of teaching around 5 classes in a day, this might vary on what type of schedule the school district has set up. Students will usually attend 6 classes in a day, yet a high school teacher often gets 1 class period of the day off from teaching to prepare their lessons, grade assignments, respond to email from parents and coworkers, etc. Usually a school district will have set hours the teacher needs to report during, often they will need to be at the school 15-30 minutes before the school day starts and 15-30 minutes after the school day ends. When teaching you might work with 10-40 students in your classroom depending on the class you are teaching. You usually teach classes that fall into the areas you are certified to teach in such as you might have a Bachelors degree in Math and have passed your state's Teacher Test so you would then teach Math courses. What the instruction looks like in your classroom could vary on your teaching style and the content you are teaching. As a teacher you typically get a half hour lunch break, yet this could vary by the school district you teach in.
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Babu’s Answer

Hello there
I am a Senior Business Analyst at a major non commercial Bank. I work for the Information technology department managing software. A typical day starts with checking email and answering them first. We have 15 minute meetings (2 -3 ) for different projects that is called Scrum. Here we talk about what we worked on, what we are going to work on and what are the impediments. After that we start our work going into the applications and start testing for bugs. Once every three weeks we have to do something called data conversion which is moving data from production to test environments.