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Nicole Kirksey

Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Muskegon, Michigan
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JuanDaniel’s Avatar
JuanDaniel Oct 03, 2023 283 views

What is one of your favorite things to do as a editor?

Hello, I am a middle school student and I am curious about being an editor. Editors seem like a fun career to me and I would love to edit things. I would like to know about the activities of being an editor and if it is a fun and entertaining career to do, or if it’s not? If any retired or...

James’s Avatar
James Oct 17, 2022 430 views

After I graduate with a major in education, how do I get a teaching license?

I am exited for my career in education. What do I do after college?

laura’s Avatar
laura Nov 01, 2021 490 views

what are the best classes to take for child development?

I love kids a lot. I help in my schools nursery. #teaching #daycare

Charlize’s Avatar
Charlize Jul 22, 2021 438 views

Student Teaching/AuPair

I Finished matric in 2020. This year I am taking a gap year and working but I'm studying BEd online in 2022 so I am looking for an Aupair job or a Student Teaching job opening so that I can study, work and get work experience for the future at the same time but I'm not sure where I can get...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Sep 28, 2021 333 views

What made you choose being an editor?

I want to become an editor. #editor

natalie’s Avatar
natalie Oct 19, 2021 418 views

are there any advancements available for special education careeres?

i want to get involed in assisting special needs patients but i want to know how far this will take me or if there are advancements i can make #education #specialneeds #assisting

Ja'Taya’s Avatar
Ja'Taya Nov 13, 2020 403 views

What would be the best job to choose if you would like to travel the world ?

I am in high school . I would like to see the world . The only problem I might have is the cost . Is there a job that will allow you to travel for free and would still pay me to do my job ? #travel

Ja'Taya’s Avatar
Ja'Taya Nov 13, 2020 423 views

Is there any jobs that would allow you to teach children to swim ?

I am in high school . I like to swim and I like teaching others how to swim . I am worried about the cost though . Would I have to go to college for this ? #swimming

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Nov 13, 2020 338 views

What do you have to do to prepare yourself for your future career?

I can be a loving person at times where I really care and help others. I don't rush time/life. #Life

Khamari’s Avatar
Khamari Nov 13, 2020 627 views

What are the secrets behind getting to where you want to be in life?

I am a freshman and high school and I want to know what could I do to become successful in life #career #career-path #motivation #life

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Nov 12, 2020 478 views

What career is good for a person that is detailed oriented and leader?

I am 21 job seeker #entry-level

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Nov 10, 2020 368 views

What types of jobs are available to someone that has a psychology degree?

Senior in high school #high-school-students

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Nov 11, 2020 400 views

What are some job tacks that a retail associate does?

The reason why I want to become a retail associate is that I am in work program and I get work experience by learning how to work at different retail places like T.j.maxx
and Home Goods . #retail #retail associate

Nabila’s Avatar
Nabila Nov 11, 2020 361 views

What type of job is there for education

I want to become a preschool teacher #students

Dayne’s Avatar
Dayne Oct 29, 2020 694 views

Can you describe your typical day?

#teacher #High-School-Teacher