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Memphis, Tennessee
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Jasmine Nov 13, 2020 418 views

What do you have to do to prepare yourself for your future career?

I can be a loving person at times where I really care and help others. I don't rush time/life. #Life

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Jasmine Oct 02, 2020 776 views

My statement is being a Funeral director can be some good in my life and take the focus off of negative things i go through!

Life is short so i would like to enjoy life as much as i can. I will like to continue doing some that my past generation were and still doing. #life #career

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Jasmine Sep 18, 2020 455 views

How long of an education will it take to become a Funeral Director?

I grew up seeing family members do #funeral work. I have a cousin who makes headstones and one who owns a funeral home. I'm not saying it looks fun, but it looks interesting! That makes me want to be the next generation of my family to own my own #Funeral home #business.

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Jasmine Sep 04, 2020 580 views

How to become more focus in what i'm doing like my work?

I can sometime be an Antisocial person, but i would love to be an Funeral Director at Skeeter Robinson Funeral Home #business!