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What career is good for a person that is detailed oriented and leader?

I am 21 job seeker #entry-level

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5 answers

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LaRae’s Answer

Hi Mary! Detailed oriented and leader...lots of options!

One of my favorite and my profession is a Project Manager. You have the ability to work in almost every industry, so there is flexibility for sure. You can get certified and earn more money, eventually. With the projects you lead, you can be an instrument of large change and transformation, exhibiting leadership skills in many aspects of your work.

Best of luck to you!


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Jennifer’s Answer

There are many positions that meet your minimum requirements. I would ask myself, what things interest me, what things am I passionate about and research probable careers. Once you identify areas of interest, see if you can network with individuals who hold these positions, can you do any volunteer work that would give you a better understanding of what it is like to do said job.

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Mark’s Answer

You might have a great career in business! A career in business starts as an individual contributor. You then may be given an opportunity to manage a team of individual contributors, and then manage a group of managers. At every stage, attention to detail is important. It helps you stand out when producing deliverables and completing tasks as an individual contributor. Attention to detail also helps managers at all levels demonstrate they have a firm understanding of what's going on with their team or their business function. Good luck!

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Nicole’s Answer

There are so many fields you could enter that would be a great entry level job that would allow you to grow into a leadership position and use your area of expertise of paying attention to detail. I would ask yourself what things interest you and bring you joy and then begin asking this same question with those areas, interests, and fields in mind.

Hi Nicole! I totally agree that there is a broad range of possibilities here. Do any examples come to mind by chance that might give the student a starting point to explore suitable options? Alexandra Carpenter

If you narrow down some field areas and re-ask the question, I believe you gain more specific feedback. Some areas that come to mind and that require someone with expertise in paying attention to detail and can turn into leadership roles would be: -Lifeguard -Retail Sales or Commissioned Sales -Construction, Electrician, Mason, Plumber, etc. fields -Lawn Care Professional - could lead to owning your own business -Community Based Instructor (swimming, gymnastics, art, karate, etc.) -Referee for Athletic Events -Health Coach -Waiter/Waitress -Culinary Arts -Assessment Administrator -Writer Nicole Kirksey

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Melisa’s Answer


And hello neighbor! I grew up in Streamwood. Thank you for your question. As others have already offered, asking yourself additional questions to narrow down your career choices can also help you further define:

1. What you are passionate about (or interested in).
2. What you are good at.
3. What jobs can meet your passions and talents, and also help you have a successful job or career.

I started my career as an administrative assistant (which required a lot of project management, caring for details and helping lead work projects). That entry-level position allowed me to first join a great organization, learn as much as I could and also decide what other areas of the business I wanted to work in, then build the connections to get me there.

Best wishes for success in your career and educational goals.

Melisa recommends the following next steps:

Check out this helpful article on Indeed, regarding choosing a career path.
Find a mentor in a career or job that interests you. Consider a job shadow day, once it is safe to do so.