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Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
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Jennifer Sep 27, 2022 485 views

College Major?

What majors are best for tech?

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Samiyah Aug 03, 2021 400 views

My career goal is to be successful.

I want to be successful because I want to show all the people in the world that anybody can be successful all it takes is a little help. #business

Mallory’s Avatar
Mallory Aug 03, 2021 398 views

What is the best way to start making films?

I dream of being a film maker and being able to raise awareness for many issues through film. #film #television

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Halaya Aug 03, 2021 464 views

I want to get into a career that allows me to travel around the world to learn new things and teach people that there are different ways of doing things then the way that they were taught. Any suggestions on careers?

I know what I want to do but I don’t know what career will suit me in that point, I’ve tried researching and other things but I can’t find anything that stands out to me please help. Thanks #travel #career-path #college

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Romeo Jun 21, 2021 444 views

what goals can I achieve

I like drawing and writing music I don't really have other hobbies but painting and coming up with good song ideas
#music #writing #art

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Daniella Jun 21, 2021 615 views

What would be my first step towards being a corporate lawyer?

I want to be a corporate lawyer one day but I also want to go to business school and get my MBA. #business-management #law #lawyer

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Naomi Jun 21, 2021 414 views

How do I promote my music on a budget?

I just started taking my music journey seriously and would like to know how to promote the songs that I'm about to release. I don't have a music mentor or manager. I am going to college to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Audio Recording. I think my music is worth risking a couple coins on but I'm...

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afraz Apr 15, 2021 1813 views

what is the work of data scientist

#groups #scientist #scientists #forensic-scientists #data-science #actuary

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Shi Apr 15, 2021 3118 views

How much free time do you usually have per day while working a full time job? Is it enough?

I am in the 11th grade and am trying to find what I love to do. #jobs #employment

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Nov 12, 2020 476 views

What career is good for a person that is detailed oriented and leader?

I am 21 job seeker #entry-level

Edward’s Avatar
Edward Oct 26, 2020 555 views

Is Finance a good career to be interested in if I am not the Best at math?

Im in 9th grade and like watching the stock market #marketing #professional #career #career-options #stocks

Umair’s Avatar
Umair Feb 01, 2020 2049 views

For Business Development/Partnerships/Strategy professionals in Tech or Business: what type of skills, methodologies, and frameworks have you developed over time in order to do well in your job and have a positive impact towards your organization?

I’m currently a senior @ Rutgers University studying IT & Entrepreneurship. Highly interested in starting a career in the business side of Tech and would like to one day lead the transaction of billion dollar deals and market partnerships. #business #entrepreneur #strategy #business development...

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Rana Apr 10, 2020 1858 views

what are the needed skills to be a good sales engineer ?

#sales #sales-engineer #engineering #engineer #mechanical-engineering #electro-mechanical

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Yew Kin Aug 06, 2020 1855 views

How to engage in a conversation with a recipient that only gives one-word answers?

I would break the ice when starting conversations with new connections by asking "How have they been coping during the COVID 19 situation?" etc. Many gave me generic answers like, "I'm good, how are you?" (Seems like I'm the only one invested in the conversation) I find it much easier to...

Deniece’s Avatar
Deniece Sep 01, 2017 1224 views

Is a degree in music business worth it?

I'm interested in becoming a successful rapper/producer. I know I have the talent, and I have plenty of time to keep improving my skills, but I'm well aware that you need to know a lot about how the business works, how to network, how to market yourself, etc. But there are a lot of online...