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Is Finance a good career to be interested in if I am not the Best at math?

Im in 9th grade and like watching the stock market #marketing #professional #career #career-options #stocks

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7 answers

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Rohit’s Answer


Finance and Mathematics are two vastly different subjects. The pure form of mathematics act as the foundations for higher learning in the science stream, whereas finance comes under Commerce and does require one to be good at basic arithmetic and fundamentals of statistics to some extent.

Finance is a vast subject and covers topics such as accounting to stock markets. Each area in this subject is an ocean in its own and requires many years of specialization and learning. Now which area you would want to branch out to in finance depends on your aptitude. To invest in stock markets or be a stockbroker, one should be able to read, understand and analyze balance sheets, profit and loss statements, apply ratios and do some trend analysis of past performance.

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Lisa’s Answer

The short answer: If you are not good at math, finance might not be right for you.

Having said that, there are plenty of successful businesspeople who aren't great at math. If you enjoy the following, you might still want to consider a career in trading:

• analyzing trends
• learning about companies and why they are successful
• researching companies
o their leaders (and their reputation)
o new products
o competitive advantage
o revenue history
o debt-to-equity ratio, etc.

You don’t need a finance degree to be a stock broker, if that is where your interests lie.

Lisa recommends the following next steps:

Get your parents to open a custodial stock account for you to manage. One of the fractional shares apps might be a good option.
Consider an internship/shadow opportunity while in high school. Get the inside scoop on what it really takes.

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Joe’s Answer


Basic math is important in Finance, but equally important is the vocabulary. If you can add, subtract, divide and multiple then that is the foundation. Statistics is also important, which does involve more multiplication and division and to do analysis of investments and\or different scenarios or options investors or business owners may want to pursue. I would say that understanding the vocabulary or terms of finance are just as important like in Accounting to be successful. If you don't know how to add, subtract, multiple or divide the values or terms you are needing to reference then your values or analysis will be of no value to your clients or managers that need this information. Knowing the math and the vocabulary is important even if you don't chose this as a career, since it really comes into play for managing your own personal budget and retirement planning for the end of your career. If you know the basic concepts you will be positioned well to speak about finance with your bank, investment companies, and financial advisors you consult with.

Best of luck!

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Mark’s Answer

When you love what you do, your job becomes a passion and a career. A career in Finance does require a lot of math, particularly for more entry-level jobs. I recommend focusing on leveraging the skills you are best at and most interested in further developing. Good luck!

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Nick’s Answer

I believe there's a difference between being good at math and understanding and appreciating how mathematics describe how many things work such as in science, finance, human behavior, statistics, etc.. A "B" student in calculus would be ok in most fields of finance but, of course, somewhere in the financial industry there are math experts at work. However, if you cannot do simple sums, products or estimate numbers to a practical degree of accuracy or correct order of magnitude in your head, finance might not be for you. Many other factors such as politics, natural disasters and emotions drive the financial world so a keen interest, awareness and sharp mind are just as important as math.

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Ananya’s Answer

You do not need to know higher level maths to do well in finance!

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Bruce’s Answer

Career choices are best made by focusing on what you enjoy and what comes naturally. Finance is very numbers oriented, but does not generally use advanced math theory. I have found that success in your Algebra class is a good determinant of people who excel in Finance.

Bruce recommends the following next steps:

If you decide to pursue Finance, an online accounting class would be another way to determine how well suited you are.