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Bruce Letten

credit risk manager
Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Chicago, Illinois
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Miles Oct 17, 2016 988 views

What do I need to do to be on a trading floor?

One of the things I really want to do is be on a trading floor when I start to work. I am currently studying finance and was wondering if there was something else that could really help me become more of a candidate for being on the trading floor. #finance #stock-trading

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Alec Oct 26, 2020 784 views

If you don't have a career path set in stone yet what is the safest college education that can be used the most in getting a job?

#career-paths #career-path #job-market #career-choice #jobs

Edward’s Avatar
Edward Oct 26, 2020 745 views

Is Finance a good career to be interested in if I am not the Best at math?

Im in 9th grade and like watching the stock market #marketing #professional #career #career-options #stocks

Edward’s Avatar
Edward Oct 26, 2020 853 views

If you are good with stocks, is being a Stock brocker a good idea?

9th grader with big dreams #finance #general #business