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Miles F. Dec 14, 2016 407 views

How should you end a professional email?

I have heard of multiple answers for this question, but not many seem to sync up. Is it more proper to end with something as small as "sincerely," or is it better to just say nothing at all? Also, should you add something other than your name at the end of your emails? #professional...


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Miles F. Oct 17, 2016 508 views

What do I need to do to be on a trading floor?

One of the things I really want to do is be on a trading floor when I start to work. I am currently studying finance and was wondering if there was something else that could really help me become more of a candidate for being on the trading floor. #finance...


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Miles F. Oct 13, 2016 1368 views

What is the best skill one can posess in the business and working field today?

With midterms around the corner, I have become curious about what are important skills to have in today's work force. I know that time management is always looked for but I was curious about what else is looked for in a potential hire. #business #job-skills...


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Miles F. Oct 05, 2016 571 views

Does being a decent, good, or great writer play an important part in future careers?

Is becoming a good writer extremely necessary in the business world, especially in fields such as finance because I do not understand why we need to take multiple English classes in college. #business...


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Miles F. Sep 01, 2016 613 views

Does the college or uiversity you attend really matter when being employed?

As my school starts next week, I was wondering if the school I actually attend makes a difference in the end. I have a few friends attending over schools with the same degree in mind, international business, but we have the same discussions constantly about if the school we choose really...

#experienced #employer-relations #international-business

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Miles F. Aug 31, 2016 681 views

What should I study with my major?

I'm a freshman in college and am not sure what to study alongside my current major of International Business. I am not certain if I want to go with a double major with finance or accounting and a minor in psychology or the opposite. I know I have time to decide what I need to study but I want...

#accounting #psychology #international-business #finance