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Christine F. Sep 30, 2020 113 views
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Edward P. Oct 26, 2020 110 views

Is Finance a good career to be interested in if I am not the Best at math?

Im in 9th grade and like watching the stock market #marketing #professional #career #career-options...


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Lilia C. Oct 27, 2020 110 views

How can I become a marketing manager?

The marketing field just recently became an interest of mind and I am very good with displaying things on social media and talking about different things that would be in the market. My mom was a business major so I know that this is a good career. #marketing...


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Darrion H. Nov 13, 2020 41 views

What material are required if you are a mechanic?

I'm a junior and I want to be a mechanic...


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Akarrus B. Nov 13, 2020 47 views

What does it take for me to be a basketball player?

Of course I know how to play the game of basketball, I've just been scared to express myself and get physical with other players. You can say that I am scared in a way. I play amazing in front of my friends but, with people I be scared and crazy nervous. I want to learn how to express myself on...

#professional-sports #basketball

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Chelsea M. Nov 17, 2020 101 views

How do I decide what career to choose?

I'm a senior in high school and am interested in art and the medical field. I l have always had a passion for art but lately I've been thinking about a career that helps people like in the medical field. I've taken a medical anatomy class before but I wasn't too good at it so I've had it in my...

#art #medical #art-education