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Career Questions tagged Successful

Kaylee’s Avatar
Kaylee Jan 30 97 views

what should are some things I should look at for careers to be financial comfortable?

I am 17, I am a junior at Rock hill high school, I just recently moved here and practically just started fresh. I am not even quite sure what I want to do as far as after I get out of high school. I already have a job but that's really not a career. so long story short is what are some things I...

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Nov 22, 2021 254 views

what steps do you go through before you can present a case?

this question was asked because i watch alot of movies with lawyers an it seems like they all start off great i want to know the real deal #real #lawyer #successful

Jhamine’s Avatar
Jhamine Mar 07, 2021 284 views


a student who have faith to have a successful life in the future

jennifer’s Avatar
jennifer Feb 26, 2021 310 views

How many applications is good to start ?

#business #rich #successful #education

Julianna’s Avatar
Julianna Mar 24, 2020 403 views

What’s the key to becoming successful in life?

I want to be able to be successful and working by the time I get out of college. #school #successful #college #advice

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Sep 06, 2019 784 views

what courses would i need in order to become an exotic veterinarian?

I am a Senior student at William J. Brennan High school looking for information on becoming a veterinarian. I specifically want to pursue becoming an Exotic Animal Vet and wouldn't mind traveling at the beginning of my career to do so but i would like to know my chances and what i must do to...

Nasir’s Avatar
Nasir Dec 12, 2018 568 views

What skills do you need to be a successful film and video editor?

#film #editor #successful

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Apr 23, 2018 606 views

When you get out of college how do you land a successful job?

what do you do next? can you just start your own business when college ends or do you have to start doing that before college ends? Where do you look or who do you ask? #search #successful #college #job #business

Berty’s Avatar
Berty Jan 22, 2018 532 views

How can I be successful?

I always wonder about the future. If what I’m doing today will make a into a successful person in the future. #successful

Sowmya’s Avatar
Sowmya May 10, 2016 687 views

become a bank manager

i have completed my 10th #bank #successful

Amirah’s Avatar
Amirah Apr 13, 2016 868 views

What are the best majors for an uprising fashion designer that wants to make it in the fashion industry?

I have already created a lot of unique and distinctive designs that I would implement into my clothing line. I am curious as to which college majors will put me on the right track to be on my way to having my own brand of clothing in department stores. #fashion #majors #successful

Mayra’s Avatar
Mayra May 28, 2015 2533 views

What skills do you need for your business to be successful?

i want to start my own business when i finish my college #business #university #entrepreneurship #major #successful

Elba’s Avatar
Elba Apr 09, 2014 1370 views

What potential jobs can you get after graduating with a BA in criminal justice?

I would like to major in criminal justice after I get to college and graduate with a BA. #criminal-justice #criminology #federal-government #homeland-security #successful #paralegals