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become a bank manager

i have completed my 10th bank successful

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5 answers

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Deepak’s Answer

To be a bank branch manager, you need a bachelor's degree in accounting, business administration, or finance. You also need at least five years of experience in financial services including previous experience as a loan officer, financial analyst, or assistant branch manager.

A position of such significance and responsibility of a Bank Manager naturally needs a person who possesses the attitude, ability and knowledge to conduct and perform the duties expected of him in the best manner with maximum efficiency and result.

In India, generally a bank manager post is not an entry post. One has to enter at a lower level post and after gaining on the job experience and in-house training and putting in some minimum years of service at various lower levels the bank entrusts the managerial responsibility to a suitable person after evaluating the relevant parameters by test and /or interview.
At present there are generally two ways of becoming a Bank Manager:
1. Entering bank as an Assistant or clerical cadre employee and then progressing with internal promotions.

2. Entering as a direct recruit bank officer or Probationary Officer (PO) or Management Trainees(MT)and then progressing to become manager after some years of service, or progressing to various scales of officer post and progressing towards various Managerial scales.
We shall discuss on the PO recruitment and internal promotion route as to become manager; one has to first become a bank officer.
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Faten’s Answer

You will have to study something related to finance.
You should start as a teller and then move to a managerial position (i.e. head of operations) then assistant branch manager then eventually branch manager.
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Rebecca’s Answer

In a bank, there are many different business (e.g. Consumer Bank, Private Bank, Commercial Bank, Investment Bank) and different departments (e.g. Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Sales, etc.).

It depends which business area and departments you are interested of and you may take your major on the respective areas in your undergraduate degree.

I would suggest you could do more research online to determine what you are interested on and explore any opportunities as intern in the banking industries.

Hope this help!
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Nandu’s Answer

Bank manager job post which has been best job post for which entrance exam has been conducted by own banks department

Eligibility for the bank manager job post :

  1. you should be passed the bachelor degree with atleast 65% marks from any recognized university

  2. age must be between the 21 to 30 years

  3. Indian citizen

selection process ;
1. Written test
2. Interview
3. GD

Written test syllabus :
1. Reasoning
2. Aptitude
3. General knowledge
4. General english
5. Logical and analytical ability etc
Wish you all the best in preparing for it.

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Simeon’s Answer

When you are able to start working, see if you can get a job as a teller at a small bank or credit union. You will get much more practical experience at a smaller institution and might find some opportunities for yourself to move up. Either way, I would recommend making friends with your coworkers and keeping up with them. If you are looking to become a manager, the sooner you can start building friendships with people in the industry, the better. You'll likely need a degree in accounting or finance, but not necessarily. Keep networking with your fellow students throughout school and then try to land a good internship in banking and network there as well. It's not uncommon to get hired by a company that gave you an internship in the past, so try to keep that relationship going.