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Sydney yesterday 29 views

When did you discover what you wanted to do for a living?

I feel like I want to do so many things and I'm not sure how to pick just one. I don't want to have regrets.

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Shamma Mar 28 95 views

How to overcome thoughts about "not being productive" during holidays and breaks?

Hi, During the first year of high school, I began having thoughts during winter, spring or summer break about how I'm not being "productive", till now I still get those thoughts and I'm in university. It stresses me out and refrains me from fully enjoying my holiday/break. I'm afraid that these...

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Kadiatou Mar 28 116 views

Which degree I should chose?

I have to choose between two colleges. College 1 offers me a Bachelor in Marketing with a minor in Business Management, and College 2 is offering an associate in Digital Marketing/advertising and Public Relations. They are both great schools and I don't which one would bring me closer to my...

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mya 2 days ago 40 views

How do I know if I've chosen the right major?

How do I know if I've chosen the right major for me?

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Mia Mar 29 100 views

Where to start if I do not even know what career will suit me best?

What are some ways I can experiment with different career paths as someone starting high school next year?

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Kadiatou Mar 29 88 views

Do I need a college degree to open a company?

Is it essential to have a degree in business management, or business administration to open a company.

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Debora Mar 28 88 views

How can I practice what I have learned about Python?

I am trying to learn using the internet but it is complicated. I know the basics, but how do I put them together? I want to work as a software engineer.

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Chloe Mar 27 78 views

How did you get started about the career you are in and why were you interested in it? Was it easy to learn about your career? What do you enjoy about it?

How did you get started about the career you are in and why were you interested in it? Was it easy to learn about your career? What do you enjoy about it?

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Xiomara Mar 27 99 views

What should I do to motivate myself for college?

What should I do to be happy in college besides doing the work that they give. I believe student life is more important than the population of college itself.

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Bradley Mar 24 80 views

How hard is it to get a job?

I have no additional information to share

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Charlie Mar 23 103 views

How can I find my ideal university and career major when I start working?

- I like music, it's a need in my everyday life.
- I like to draw and I think i can draw pretty well
- I like to design everything, especially when it's functional
- I'd like to be a celebrity

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chayce Mar 23 86 views

when's the best time to prepare for college?

what are some ways to prepare for college?

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Angel Mar 23 108 views

How do i become successfull?

How do i become successful as in how do i make a lot of money or how do i start

Nusrat’s Avatar
Nusrat Mar 23 137 views

How do explore or find a career path for you?

I know I have some time to figure that out but I get a little overwhelm to have to "figure" out what i want to do in my life from my peers and family. I have some plans but I am terrified of not liking it or not being suitable for the career.

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Klaire Mar 22 45 views

What is the best way to start a small business in a small town ?

I want to start a small business in my home town and grow from there! My home town doesn't have a lot of places to eat so I want to start my business there!