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What potential jobs can you get after graduating with a BA in criminal justice?

I would like to major in criminal justice after I get to college and graduate with a BA. #criminal-justice #criminology #federal-government #homeland-security #successful #paralegals

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3 answers

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Holly’s Answer

Hi Elba,Criminal justice career fields

Most associate degree graduates can look forward to entry-level positions in corrections, private and corporate security and office support for law enforcement departments. Bachelor’s degree graduates may start in similar positions, but will be prepared to later assume supervisory or management responsibilities.

The following employers hire applicants with criminal justice degrees:
•Federal Bureau of Prisons
•Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
•State and national parks
•State and federal prisons, local corrections facilities
•Private security corporations and protective service
•Risk management/assessment companies
•Private investigative services

•Border patrol
•U.S. Customs
•Child protective services
Entry level with an AAS, with a bachelors, then a masters your opportunities will go up as the education increases. The field is an open field with many job persepecives. This is not a complete list. You can work in the public defenders office, or legal places, a police officer too. The best of luck with your new career.

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Matthew’s Answer

Hello Elba,

Some of the areas you can look into with a Degree in Criminal Justice are loss prevention, being a social worker, social/human services (case worker), law enforcement, corrections, social worker, cyber crime investigator.

I would advise to do some research online on the different positions available, to see what you might be interested in. This way you can take courses in college for the specific field of criminal justice you are interested in.

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Traci’s Answer

Hi Elba! I have a BA in Criminal Justice and I've been a corporate patent paralegal for almost ten years.

When I was finishing my Criminal Justice degree I knew I didn't want to go in to law enforcement and I wasn't sure about going to law school. I even entertained the idea of working for the FBI (besides working at the headquarters in Washington D.C. there are FBI field offices all across the country). A lot of people who graduate with this degree become police officers, probation officers, social workers, etc. There really is a lot you can do with this degree. Some of my fellow classmates were planning on going to the police academy, another I remember wanted to be a probation officer, another wanted to be a park ranger and my good friend wanted to become a Secret Service Agent. For me, intellectual property was my perfect fit.

I spent time as a county judge's clerk (the person who sits off to the side of the judge in the courtroom) before taking a corporate job as an intellectual property assistant, then finally landing as a patent paralegal. Although a BA isn't necessarily a requirement to become a paralegal, the fact that I have a Bachelor's degree started me out on a higher salary than if I didn't have the degree.

Like the others before me suggested, I also advise doing some online research on all the different paths. You will find some opportunities you didn't even consider before, and it might just be the perfect fit for you. Best of luck to you!

(I just realized this question was asked in 2014, but I hope this info helps someone who might come across it!)