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Joannacodman2 . Jan 06, 2012 8794 views

How do you first start off to get into an acting career?

I am grade 9 in high school trying to become a actress in hollywood. How do i start off the process? #acting #experience #actor #theater...


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Joannacodman2 . Jan 19, 2012 1102 views

What are good traits of a actor/actress??

Does becoming an actor/actress change how you feel on different perspective you had...

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Orealys R. Mar 10, 2014 30827 views

Bachelors degree in Biology, now what?

Hi! I graduated on may with a bachelor degree in biology and now I feel totally lost. I originally wanted to go to med school but I took the MCAT and I did not do good plus my gpa is only 3.1. So, I was looking to get into any nursing program but I missed two classes so now I'm enrolled as a...

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Alejandra G. Mar 17, 2014 1010 views

What schools can I look into for animal care services?

I'm interested in working with animals in the future and I wanted to know about where I could go or what I could look into for working with animals. Whether it is training, or nursing, or anything like that. #veterinarian #veterinary #animals...


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Ahnahni D. Mar 25, 2014 625 views

What should I major in if I want a career in physical therapy?

I want a career in that I can support people that are injured and hurt. #medicine #health...


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Brynae H. Mar 28, 2014 613 views

what are the steps and process to starting your own business

I am interested in creating my own store for shoes but I'm unsure how the process start either with design or income....


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Marc S. Mar 31, 2014 8678 views

What has made you choose the path of culinary arts?

I am Pedro Williams, I am a freshman in high school and love the thought of being involved in culinary...

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Sonia A. Mar 31, 2014 1106 views

What is the weekly/monthly/yearly salary of being an OBGYN?

I am a freshman in high school and I am interested in this career. #medicine #babies...


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Erika C. Apr 01, 2014 1510 views

Is it stressful to be a tattoo artist? Or, what is mandatory to know to be a tattoo artist?

I am asking this because I am deeply in love with art #art...


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Melissa S. Apr 01, 2014 1079 views

Whats are the best beauty schools in California

im a 16 year old high school student and i wanted to know whats the best beauty school in my area #school #job #high-school #cosmetology #makeup #beauty...


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Sheyann B. Apr 01, 2014 1867 views

What are the requirements for becoming a cultural or UN ambassador?

I love the humanities. This field of study has always fascinated me. I really like helping others especially those in need. When I'm older I aspire to be a cultural ambassador or a UN ambassador. I was really inspired t do it when The South Korean ambassador came to my high schools first...

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Malik D. Apr 01, 2014 677 views

how was becoming a sports manager benefited you in the long run?

I would like to know this because even though its not all about the money it is always good to know what it is like in the long run. #management...


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Tyira B. Apr 01, 2014 1003 views

What are the pros and cons in a day of a pediatrician? What is the best thing about being a pediatrician?

I am a 9th grader who is interested in medicine and helping others. I have been interested in becoming this since I was younger and still have an interest in it. #doctor #medicine...


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Kellon G. Apr 01, 2014 618 views

what steps does it take to become a forensic scientist

im a student looking to become a forensic scientist...


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Nicole V. Apr 01, 2014 953 views

what are the positives and negatives of having a field as any type of social work?

Im not completely sure which field im most interested in, but i do know i want to pursue a career in social working. #social-work...