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Career Questions tagged Planetary Science

Ahlyia L.’s Avatar
Ahlyia L. Aug 27, 2018 1001 views

What are ways to increase your changes of being accepted to four year colleges, despite being from a low income area?

Another question I have is how can I stand out to colleges while being from a low income area that, to me, seems to limit my opportunities? I have had personal experiences losing great opportunities due to where I am from. #college #high-school #low-income-area #workforce #steam #stem #science...

Ahlyia L.’s Avatar
Ahlyia L. Aug 27, 2018 621 views

What are the challenges I may face pursuing a career in science, and how can I stand out among the rest?

For my first two years in high school I have been studying biotechnology and I have been working diligently in preparing myself for college and the workforce. Though I have not decided on an exact career, I am deeply considering one within forensics, pharmaceuticals, or in the space exploration...

ashley P.’s Avatar
ashley P. Mar 22, 2017 684 views

when you become an astronomer what else can you do if for example you work with NASA?

i really want to become an astronomer but i want to know what else do they do #science #astronomy #space #planetary-science

Jaycie B.’s Avatar
Jaycie B. Oct 24, 2016 671 views

I'm interested in black holes. Is is better to go into Space Science or Planetary Science?

I always thought it would be planetary science, but now that I'm looking into them both more, I'm not sure. #astronomy #space #planetary-science

Student Voices by CV ..’s Avatar
Student Voices by CV .. Nov 11, 2015 4378 views

What classes should I take to become an astronomer?

This question was asked by a high school student in Utah whose favorite memory of her childhood is stargazing with her cousins while spending summers camping at Natural Bridges State Park. She hopes to one day stargaze for a living. #astronomy #planetary-science #outer-space #star-gazing