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Jazlynn K. Jan 24, 2018 260 views

What steps should be taken after and during high school to become a Pediatric surgeon?

I'm am asking this based on where I want to process in the future. Knowing what steps I need to take,what is expected,what is the daily job description,and what is the day to day opportunities. #schools-of-the-future #futuredoctor...


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English L. Aug 22, 2016 434 views

Would a science and engineering based college be right for me if I want to go into sports broadcasting?

I've played at least three sports year round my entire life, and so I know I want a career in the sports and entertainment area. But my dream school isn't one known for this major. Do I need to just go away from my life long dream of going to my perfect school? Should I go a school with the...

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