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If you have certifications in the I.T field, would you still need a bachelors degree to really help you get a decent career in the I.T Field?

I'm currently thinking about taking on certification classes with Cisco, but I'm wondering if those certifications would be actually worth
it, or would I better off using three years of my life studying IT in college. Which ever will help me get into decent career in the field, please let
me know your input. career technology it bachelors

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4 answers

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Lashawn R. I see that you posted this question a little while ago so I hope my answer to you (or others who may read this response) is still helpful.

In addition to the awesome answers already provided, I will share that my experience with certifications in general is that they can be a great way for you to ensure that your skill sets remain fresh and relevant. Fresh if you want to brush up on something that you learned a while go, relevant if you want to learn something new. In my opinion, what a college degree helps with is in grounding you as many of these certification programs, particularly highly branded certification programs like Cisco has, assume that you have basic or working knowledge in areas like IP (internet protocol), networking or elements of math.

As I mention Cisco, it is also a good idea, where possible, to focus your energy on certification programs that are tied to companies or agencies that have notable standing in the industries that you want to work.

Hope you find this information useful and best of luck!
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KAIQI’s Answer

Hi Lashawn, getting a cert in my humble opinion should be a plus for your hand-on experience or your related past work-experience. Getting a industry-recognised cert before going to the first job may not be the best option as college does not only teaches you the knowledge itself, what's more important, it also presents you to the opportunity on how to be a self-starter, learning effectively, and thinking logically. On the other hand, there are areas where it's been a common practice to get a cert before going to a college. My suggestion is to get them both and trust me, plenty of time and opportunities to get yourself certified while in college. Good luck on your career.

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Alison’s Answer

I answer your question from 2 different perspectives. I had no problems not being certified for anything IT related when I was the office manager of a firm. In fairness though I did know quite a bit before I started. The second perspective is as a family member. I would sincerely emphasize I am only family and this is my opinion. A master's degree would be the best option. Make sure you get in on some leadership skill training and feel comfortable speaking given any possible environment. Do make use of things like internships and externships. Your college or university coursework is important and you will need extra time in quiet spaces from time to time. This is also the time to learn how best to create work/life balance which you can then show your potential employer. IT is a highly stressful job when deadlines are due, but does offer opportunities you wouldn't get in a different background. Always look for the part - time student jobs that give you experience (better known companies will offer summer externships so those are key between bachelor and master level. If you can handle doing it (which is a very personal introspective where you will need to be honest with yourself) I would highly recommend doubling up for combined degrees in business or healthcare. Keep your grades above 3.0 on 4.0 scale. Higher if at all possible. If you know you have a specific desired location to live in perhaps look for the highest regarded school for that area and your potential employers (at least top 10). If I missed anything please just ask. I will be happy to answer. Best of luck on your goals.

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Holly’s Answer

Good Day Lashawn,
With a bachelors degree you will gain knowledge in the computer science field, and you will, get compensated with a greater salary! Also, you will be more competitive when you apply for a position or opportunity for work. Then most of all you will have a great job that you like! Good luck.