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How I can become a Computer Scientist ?

I'm a student of IT. I ask this question to know the key steps to become a Computer Scientist. #science #computer #engineering #programmer #computer-networking #computer-proficient

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4 answers

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Brien’s Answer

Best of the Village

Hi Michael,

A lot of Computer Science is centered on the art of computer programming, writing the software that instructs the computer what to do, including interactions with users through user interfaces, interactions with other computers over the network, and data storage, processing, and display.

It's fairly easy to start learning to program. A fun way to begin could be to explore Scratch (http://scratch.mit.edu/) which introduces many of the concepts of higher level programming languages in a fun way that doesn't require you to get the syntax "just right" to avoid frustrating errors.

Scratch will teach you about "flow control" or how language constructs like loops and conditionals can help you make interactive experiences. You'll also learn about variables and other core concepts.

After that you should pick a language you'd like to learn and download some tutorial packages for the language. These will walk you through the basics of the language, which at this point should be familiar to you from Scratch and you're just learning the specific keywords and syntax of that language.

If you're thinking of pursuing a college degree in CS, that's great! If not, I would still recommend eventually taking two courses in "Data Structures" and "Analysis of Algorithms" (sometimes just called Algorithms). These two classes really form the core of writing good software for almost any type of application, whether it be games, data processing, or whatever.

Best of luck to you -- I've enjoyed programming since I was in my teens, and it really never gets boring -- you can always think up something new to build and the satisfaction of seeing it come to life is still cool.

Great job! The only suggestion I would have is go to one of the 27 colleges that are new that offer the S.T.E.M. program if you can. Good luck. I know the first one is in New York. Holly Z.

Thank you very much for the very detailed response ! Michael V.

Thank you for the suggestion ! Michael V.

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Galen’s Answer

Hey Michael,

The short answer is focus on math, logic, and science in school, and study Computer Science at university.

The long answer is to get started now. If you have access to a computer and the Internet, you're set up to start creating software / apps / websites / etc. I got started when I was 12, and it's even easier now.

To get started quickly without any investment, check out http://www.codecademy.com/ or https://www.codeschool.com/

I really recommend diving in now, building apps and website, to see if you enjoy coding. If you've got hustle, all the resources you need are a Google search away :)

Thank you for the help ! Mr. Sanford Michael V.

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Prash’s Answer

  1. How to Become a Computer Scientist?
    Computer science is a constantly changing field that deals with the study of computers and their structure, processes, and applications. Computer scientists are trained professionals that are experts in computer science and perform a variety of computer tasks from computer design to research.

  2. What does a computer scientist do?
    Computer scientists study computer science in-depth to apply theories to complex problems and create and use new technology. They usually deal with the theoretical components of computer systems. They conduct a variety of research from hardware design to complex theory. Some work on a variety of multidisciplinary tasks such as designing robots, developing and advancing virtual reality, and improving human-computer interaction. Computer scientists research new ways and improve current ways of solving computer problems. They also evaluate the performance of computer algorithms and write reports and papers on a variety of computer science topics. Some computer scientists focus on specific areas such software engineering, development of algorithms, computer programming, and computer graphics.
    3.What kind of training does a computer scientist need?
    Computer scientists must have at least a bachelor degree, but most employers prefer applicants with a master or doctorate degree in computer science or other closely related field. Most computer scientists complete courses in computer science, computer systems, information technology, computer programming, and mathematics. Most employers provide some on the job training. Many computer scientists gain voluntary certifications to remain competitive in the field. Since technological advances are always rapidly changing in the computer science field, computer scientists must stay up date on their skills. They often complete continuing education and participate in additional training throughout their careers. Many employers provide continuing education courses and training on many different topics.

  3. What are the prospects for a career as a computer scientist?
    Employment of computer scientists is expected to grow much faster than average for all professions, increasing 22% through 2016. Technological advances and companies incorporating new complex technology will drive job growth. Job prospects are expected to be excellent especially for computer scientists with advanced education and high skill levels. Many job openings will stem from the need to replace computer scientists that retire, transfer, or leave the field for other reasons.
    5.How much do computer scientists make?
    As of this year, the average annual salary for computer scientists is $68,000; average annual computer scientist salaries vary greatly on location, industry, employer, experience, and benefits. A career as a computer scientist is an excellent choice for individuals with a strong interest in computer science. Computer scientists must have logical thinking and strong analytical and problem-solving skills. They must be able to deal with many different tasks at the same time and pay close attention to detail. Computer scientists must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and be able to effectively work independently as well as part of a team. They must be able to work under stress and pressure and meet strict deadlines.

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Holly’s Answer

Good day Mike thank you for the question. I did find a I college in Ca that offers many of the programs you may have an interest in . I did get this from the Harvey Mudd College in Clarimont Ca. I thought the contents would be just what is in order for the sciences. They do offer other programs as well.
User Interface Design
. Computer Networks
. Compiler Design
. Databases
Operating Systems
. Advanced Computer Architecture
. File Systems
1. Advanced Topics in Algorithms
. Complexity Theory
. Scientific Computing
. Computer Systems Performance Analysis
Artificial Intelligence
. Neural Networks
•. Computer Vision
•. Robotics
•. Computer Graphics
. Parallel and Real-Time Computing
. Computer Animation
. Computer Science Seminar
•. Programming Practicum (One unit per semester)
may be wanting to start out with.

Thank you for all the suggestions ! Ms. Waggoner Michael V.