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I want to be a Fashion Merchandiser but I'm so anxious of my decisions and leadership being thr cause for the brand to fail. Does anyone have advice for this?

I don't want to disappoint anyone or get fired on the first day but I'm not even in college yet so I feel like I'm over thinking . #fashion #art #apparel-and-fashion #marketing #internships

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6 answers

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Leslie’s Answer

HI Christine! Usually internships are really more about learning than being put on the spot to make decisions. This is your opportunity to learn from others, ask a lot of questions, and do your best! At my company we just kind of assume that interns don't know anything about our business and it's all about learning. We have a whole different language and it takes months to just be conversational. So just remember to have a good attitude, be on time, work hard, learn, and you'll do great. I would also recommend finding a mentor at the company, someone who is not your boss, that can help guide you during your first few months at the company.

Thank you so much! It's like deep down I already knew it was just nerves but hearing it from you really helped it solidify and calm me down. Also thank you for the advice! Christine F.

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Natalie’s Answer

Hi Christine!

I totally understand the nerves about starting a career and being worried about how you might do. I have a few thoughts:
1. If you join an established team, there will be other folks there to make sure everything is fine. If you join, especially as a junior employee, you will have plenty of time to learn before you're making any big decisions that could have a huge impact on the brand's success.
2. If you are hired at a company, it's because they want you to work there! They should know your strengths and experiences, and will only expect that you jump in and do what you're qualified for.
3. Have you ever heard of imposter syndrome (https://time.com/5312483/how-to-deal-with-impostor-syndrome/)? It's a feeling I, and lots of my friends and peers have all the time. The feeling that you don't know how you got the job you have, or some other accomplishment. But it is SO normal, and important to remind yourself that you are where you are for a reason.

You will be great, just remember to try your best and be honest about what you do and do not know.

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Alison’s Answer

Hi Christine,
Yes, you’re overthinking a little right now ;)
But, that’s okay. A lot of people get nervous about the future or performing well in something you love. You’re not even in college yet, though. That means a couple of things. 1) You haven’t taken all the specialized classes that are going to teach you how to do well in your field. 2) Everyone in your field knows that you haven’t finished those classes so you are still learning. And those two things mean a couple of other things. A) By the time you do finish your learning, you’ll be feeling a lot more confident and prepared to take on the challenges of leading a brand. B) While you’re finishing your learning, there are going to be a lot of people around to help you. You won’t have to fly solo for a while, and you’ll have advice and practice with fashion decisions before you’ll have to make them on your own. You’ve got this (or you will have this post-college/post-internship)!
And, as far as your first day goes, if you don’t show up late, don’t swear at the boss, and don’t burn the place down, then you’ll probably be fine.

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Erik’s Answer

Its Ok to overthink because you are thinking about your future! You never know what will come around if you are not curious enough or ask questions. I think that you should consider looking into the best school for fashion merchandising and start looking maybe for part-time jobs or internships that you can look into to get some experience. Nowadays, jobs are asking for experience even though the position is entry level and it's sad. I am struggling with that now, especially with COVID-19 taking place as well. Overall, keep an open and growth mindset and all will come and you will succeed. Don't worry about making mistakes, we are human and when we make the mistakes we learn from them and grow. Hope this helps!


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Melissa’s Answer

Hi Christine! It's definitely normal to feel nervous about your future, but always remember to take a breather and step back to look at the task at hand. The company you'll be interning for would never give you something they didn't think you were ready for. Internships are a place where you are there to learn as much as you can, so always ask questions, and never feel like you need to know everything before you get there. Make sure you take it easy on yourself. No one is expecting you to be perfect on day one. Just make sure to network, connect with people, and build relationships. If they see you have the passion for it, they can consider you as a potential employee in the future, rather than just an intern. You're going to do great.

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Luiz’s Answer

Hi, Christine!
As a consumer, I like to get information, to perceive references like quality, and not just for the product, but for brand
As I have been analyzing this for a long time, I understood that a good leader need to study and apply quality leading with people. Service is the name of play. The loyalty for brand also depends on others factors. If a product is made of pieces of trees removed from a territory which may be used for pasture, I do not recommend for myself to buy this. And, naturally I will not recommend for anybody.
Good Luck!