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joel’s Avatar
joel Apr 26, 2023 446 views

how can i become a successful bio major? also is biotechnology a good major.

im struggling to find ways to use a bio major

Israel’s Avatar
Israel Apr 16, 2023 313 views

What are some ways i could save money and not impulse buy?

I've been struggling with impulse buying and my paychecks are mostly going out due to the way I have been spending my money.

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Feb 07, 2023 374 views

How do i get accepted to a college ?

Right now I want to go to Syrcause University. Right now I got a 3.2 gpa. does this need to be higher or will it be find to get accepted. (And I am in 10 grade)

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Jan 31, 2023 645 views

What are some key skills for working at jobs in general?

I want to learn about some useful skills that I can apply to a wide variety of jobs. I think it'll be good for me to learn about skills that can be used in many areas, and also skills that I might need to work on.

Demarrion’s Avatar
Demarrion Nov 03, 2022 552 views

Painting careers?

What are some steps I can do to become a painter?

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Oct 26, 2022 635 views

What are some substantial merit based scholarships?

I live in the Bay Area so if you could share local ones, that could be to my benefit!

eliana’s Avatar
eliana Nov 03, 2022 469 views

can you take criticism and if not why?

can you take criticism and if not why and how ?

Madi’s Avatar
Madi Oct 17, 2022 418 views

How often do people need interior design services ?

Hi i'm Madi a junior in high school. I would like to open up my own interior design business but worry about how much interior designers and actually need. Also how many services are available.

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Aug 17, 2022 391 views

How would I reach my goal if I had to stay in state for college?

I really want to go out of state for college as there's not many opportunities in South Dakota. If I were to stay in state for college, so I was wondering how I would reach my goal of a supply chain engineer, or some other supply chain job? Would an operations management minor and a management...

John’s Avatar
John Jul 06, 2022 431 views

If you had the ability to join any union you wanted with all the the knowledge needed what would you get into?

If you had the ability to join any union you wanted with all the the knowledge needed what would you get into?

So24fia’s Avatar
So24fia May 06, 2022 1498 views

How to make a good CV ?


I was wondering what makes a good CV.

I am a bachelor student majoring in computer science and minoring in business administration. I still don't have any work experience, how can I attract the real world with my CV?

Thank you!

kellis’s Avatar
kellis Apr 28, 2022 345 views

do i have to be a climeatologist to find a solution to climate change

do i have to be a climeatologist to find a solution to climate change

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher May 03, 2022 870 views

How do I find the motivation and passion for things that I am interested in?

I am someone who struggles with motivation and don't have a specific career I want to follow. I just want to live a good life making good money with a job I don't mind doing. How can I find my passion? Do I not know enough of myself to be throwing myself at the wind with no direction? Am I...

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher May 03, 2022 902 views

Is it okay to get into any computer field with little to no knowledge on the subject?

Computers have always been of interest to me on many different levels, both in hardware and software. Still, I have never been in a position to expand my personal skills and knowledge of computers. To be able to create the things I have always dreamed of, I would like to program or even code in...

juls’s Avatar
juls Apr 26, 2022 547 views

I'm young, dumb, and broke pls help :/

I want to earn money but i want to work at home. I also don't have a bank account. I don't have an adult to ask this kind of stuff about. Anyways, is there any possible way I can earn money at home while not having a bank account? Do I even need a bank account?