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Henry’s Career Goals

I want to enter the biotechnology field, or a field similar to biotechnology. I'm currently hoping to explore different paths and options in the field.


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Henry May 12 209 views

What should I look for in internships regarding my intended college major (biotech)?

I know the experience alone is pretty good but I wonder if there's something else I should keep an eye on.

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Henry May 12 102 views

What is a good way of finding out how to balance work/studying with relaxing?

I think it'll be good for me to find out more about how I can/should balance my work life and personal life.

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Henry Jan 31 377 views

What are good ways to make connections?

I'm fairly new to networking and was wondering about ways I can connect to people. I'm also wondering if there's a good time to make connections, such as when I'm in school or when I get to college.

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Henry Jan 31 460 views

What are some key skills for working at jobs in general?

I want to learn about some useful skills that I can apply to a wide variety of jobs. I think it'll be good for me to learn about skills that can be used in many areas, and also skills that I might need to work on.

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Henry Oct 26, 2022 520 views

What are some majors to look for as someone wanting to study biotech?

I feel like I should start thinking about this, but I don't have too many ideas for it.

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Henry Oct 24, 2022 280 views

Future Career

My current career goal is to get into Biotechnology, and maybe programming as an alternative. For the biotechnology field, what should I look into to be more prepared?

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Henry Sep 27, 2022 300 views

What are some key tips for someone looking to get into computer science/programming fields?

Any information would be helpful.