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Career Questions tagged Forensic Scientists

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afraz Apr 15, 2021 881 views

what is the work of data scientist

#groups #scientist #scientists #forensic-scientists #data-science #actuary

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Karlee Aug 04, 2020 326 views

Opportunities for aspiring Forensic Science Technician?

I was wondering what training or experience opportunities one should pursue for a future career as a Forensic Science Technician or to work in a crime lab. Are there specific employers, internships, etc. to look for?
#technician #forensic #forensic-scientists

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Oct 20, 2015 1149 views

What's the difference between these careers?

I've researched these jobs for a long while now but can't find what's different above them. What's the difference between a Medical Examiner, a Forensic Pathologist, and a coroner? What's the exact difference? Does one of them work with the FBI? Could you still have one of these jobs, but also...

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Aug 09, 2015 3569 views

What is the work schedule for a Forensic Scientist like? What's the best part of the job? What's the worst part? What commonly occurs? Do all forensic scientists appear in court at least once in their careers, or are there some that don't ever?

I'm a current college freshman majoring in Biology. I am highly interested in going into the Forensic Science profession; no specific choice of emphasis (DNA analysis, fingerprinting, etc.) I was considering changing my major to forensic science to get a more in depth education. However,...

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth May 06, 2015 1401 views

What jobs could I do if I decide to major in Forensic science and want to work for the FBI?

I've always wanted to work for the FBI but i want to be realistic and know what jobs i could do if i decide to study forensics. I know i can also major in criminology and get other types of jobs. What positions would i be able to do in the FBI if i study forensic science? #fbi #forensic-scientists

Nakida’s Avatar
Nakida Mar 19, 2015 998 views

What is the path to success for someone looking to become a forensic scientist right out of college?

Hi, I am a high school senior. I am looking to major in natural sciences, so I can pursue a career in forensic science, #science #forensic #forensic-scientists

Kews’s Avatar
Kews Dec 11, 2014 1096 views

what subjects do i need to be a forensic scientist

I am interested in being a forensic scientist #forensic #genetics #forensic-scientists

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Negi Nov 05, 2014 1360 views

what tax bracket do forensic scientist fall in

we are doing a project where we use our dream job we have to find out what tax bracket they would fall in and how it would affect my life style #forensic-scientists

Briana’s Avatar
Briana Apr 09, 2014 1959 views

What is the average work day for a medical examiner?

I am looking to go to school to become a Forensic Scientist and I'm not sure what field I want to specify in. #career #medicine #biology #chemistry #forensic-scientists #examiner

Desiree’s Avatar
Desiree Apr 02, 2014 12846 views

What's the difference between Forensic Pathology and Forensic Anthropology?

I've read about the careers, but I don't see the difference between the two. #forensic-scientists